Seven from Texas - Dorado Films

(MMcG) #61

I was just thinking about this release this morning - I thought it was getting closer but you are probably right.
This really puts me off from pre ordering so far in advance!

(The Man With a Name) #62

I don’t think they should make something available for pre-order if they are unable to send something out. I can’t believe I’m still waiting for something I bought all that time ago.

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(Søren) #64

Yep. That promise is almost as good as their earlier “worst case shipping date” which was sometime last month… They wake up when someone pushes them a bit and then go back to sleep. Remember, they haven’t posted a single photo of what they actually plan to ship out. The only thing we’ve seen is the cover mock-up they made and posted in here a year ago and then elected to post again on their Facebook-page a month ago. Nothing substantial has been shown. I’m not convinced :slight_smile:

(Søren) #65

And now the release date has been pushed to December 18th. Reason given: none.

(kevenz) #66

I don’t want to sound like a troll here but the spanish dvd looks so much better than this new blu ray…

(autephex) #67

Why would you sound like a troll? If any blu ray release is inferior to previous DVDs, then it needs to be made publicly known so we don’t waste our money buying it

Are there screens of the blu somewhere for comparison?


There will be a considerably shorter run time on the BD, as they’re using the English cut, which has a lot of missing scenes - I dubbed this one for CG, using the Italian DVD, plus with help from another member, added subs for the non English sequences - Anita at CG then made a custom disc based on this Spanish release - it does look very nice, but I have to say that the HD clips Dorado posted on You tube look better :wink:

(Sebastian) #69

I wished Dorado Films would be a bit more proactive in their communications, but I do get that they’re probably something of a 1.5 person company… I don’t think the pictures they posted over a year ago are the final quality BluRay snapshots, but essentially, there’s some hope that it’s a decent HD transfer that will be better than the DVD not just because of the higher resolution… let’s hope/wait and see :wink:

(Søren) #70

Dorado has not only been anti-proactive they have posted stuff that is obviously bullshit. Several months ago they were to post photos of their coming release but suddenly their “social media guy” got another job and that was not feasible. That is, posting photos on Facebook. Those photos has still not materialized of course because no release exists to take photos of. Since then I have lost all faith in them as all info supplied from them contains an unknown measure of bullshit. Sadly. I have preordered borh their coming released by the way over a year ago.

(autephex) #71

they’re obviously broke


This clip was posted last year … you may have to adjust settings to get HD quality

(autephex) #73

Looks pretty good as far as definition goes, but the color seems a bit off compared to the DVD shots above

(Sebastian) #74

yes very green

(Søren) #75

And the 18th of December came and went and in typical Dorado-style nothing happened. No info. No response. Nothing.

At this time I would kill for a green release :slight_smile:

(autephex) #76

Guess this isn’t a good sign for the upcoming Gatling Gun blu from Dorado then

(Søren) #77

Isn’t that also being released by Mill Creek?

(autephex) #78

Haha yea I just remembered that. I was looking at my Dorado dvd earlier and for some reason started thinking they were doing the blu

(Søren) #79

They might very well have semi-promised that at some point.

If the two releases people have preordered should come out at some point they will have a bastard of a time getting people to preorder anything from them again.

(Sebastian) #80

They are a den of optimists :slight_smile: