Seven from Texas - Dorado Films


Wow, this is still going on?

(The Man With a Name) #42

I paid for mine a year ago now. This is ridiculous.

(Søren) #43

Yeah me too and the Franco vol. 2 release, which is aldo MIA, several months before that. I got a mail response from Rick though and he has also stated it on Facebook that an update should be given this week.

That said updates have been promised before and then nothing. But let’s see.

(Sebastian) #44

It’s coming…

(Søren) #45

I’m not so sure. Since then they have broken first one deadline for posting pictures of the coming Jesus Franco release and then broken another before finally going MIA again.

This has been going on for the last 6 months at least. Setting deadlines, not keeping them and then just setting some new ones. It’s a farce.

Tried contacting them but am getting no response. Getting slightly worried.

(Sebastian) #46

Just in

(Søren) #47

Yes. I will not say that I am the cause of this, but I am probably the cause of this :slight_smile:

The last time Dorado suddenly came alive again was after I had posted, messaged, emailed and then posted about doing that, and it’s the same this time around.

Fingers crossed but I am not overly optimistic about this statement: “The two releases are still progressing somewhat on schedule”. Well we’ll find out what this means in a couple of weeks :slight_smile:



(kevenz) #49

Dorado was once a cool company back 10 years ago when they released a couple of spaghetti western and a couple of eurospy on dvd.

but I guess it’s not easy being a small label releasing obscure movies these days.

(chuck connors brother) #50

The Special Cop in Action/Weapons of Death Blu-Ray was a great release