Seven from Texas - Dorado Films

Pre-sale reopened

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Fascinating. What was the thought process behind the color timing? It looks very very blue.

Do we have to go thru the order process again if we did all that the first time?

But then you, like me, have already paid for it, so… no :slight_smile: ?

I don’t think the re-opening means a re-doing, just that they are extending this period of the pre-sale once more before the actual release to give more people a chance at this and help them recuperate some costs before a wide release (or to make one possible)…

When I ordered it said my card wouldn’t be charged until shipped and it hasn’t. Under my account it says no pending orders. Thus my question :slight_smile:

Ah I see :slight_smile: I used paypal so my money was taken right away. I have really no idea what orders my account says I have. I am waiting on two of their other releases that this one was to ship with at some point. If worried I would drop me a mail or a message on Facebook.

I ordered my copy back in the first pre-sale - I think money has gone out already.
I’m happy to wait until this comes out - hopefully by early 2018? The DVD front cover artwork looks awesome.

Maybe @PanningForGold can give a little christmas eve update? :wink:

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32 hours left to preorder:

Bad sales probably means that this release will be cancelled so waiting is not an option :slight_smile:

I’m curious how such “professionals” are found? Outside of the few well-known specialists (usually authors of popular books on the genre or directors themselves) who would have no reason to besmirch their well-earned reputations and may in some cases be cost-prohibitive regardless, I would expect the next best place to look for “professionals” would be the contributors to the SWDB. I personally have learned a lot from some of the very knowledgeable people here.

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I am pretty sure that it is not the spaghetti western release he is talking about but either the José Ramón Larraz double feature or Jesus Franco ditto that are also forthcoming from Dorado Films.

My copy still hasn’t arrived. :anguished: I hope it arrives soon

Everything is moving in slo-mo. As far as I know Dorado is in the process of releasing the Larraz double feature, then a Jesus Franco one and then Seven from Texas. I have preordered all three, the Larraz one 9 months ago. I think it will be at least 2 more months before Seven from Texas is released and that is slightly optimistic.

Got a mail from Dorado mentioning that a target date for this release would be no later than the second week of June, so the release is still on :slight_smile:

Still waiting for this to arrive! I wonder when it’ll finally be released.

Yea @PanningForGold is there an update?

On Facebook the following was written 5 days ago:

“… we will be writing an update over the next few days, both films have come along nicely and final wrap up is underway.”

The other film being the forthcoming Jesus Franco double feature.

So hopefully some news soon ?!

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No official update has been posted but in answer to a comment the deadline for both releases are now set for the middle of August at the latest. Let’s see.

And still waiting! :anguished: