Sergio Leone Web Board

Are you guys familiar with the Sergio Leone Web Board?

It’s mainly about Leone, but there is also a very large SW (and US western) section with lots of reviews.

Their aim is to be (or to become) the “greatest resource on SWs on the internet”

Sounds like competition

I have an account there but never go there. Although I like Leone’s films, I just am not THAT into them. I don’t realy like the threads mainly. Besides the fact that knowone ever posts in the spaghetti western sections except me sometimes.

But the SW section is really large, and it’s a really large forum with more than 1400 members.

Maybeso but the spw section is not very active and there are not too many pages in the threads. I don’twant to trash them too much because there are probably members here who have accounts there. But we here have the best spaghetti western site. Wikis are great. I also don’t really like the style wiki they have for there forum. I don’t like there avatars. Sometmes I read the spw threads but they don’t go very deep into the films. Again, my opinion.

Yeah, all these biiiiiiiiig avatars beneath their actual avatars are quite irritating

I don’t have an account there but I do look at that forum along with lovelockandload as well, if I’m looking for more info or reviews on a particular SW. Of course nothing beats this forum, but I find it useful looking at other forums to just to get “a second opinion” regarding some SW’s that I’m considering buying or watching.

Are you a member Stanton ?

Are you a member, ENNIOO? A Leone fans paradise but otherwise, not much there. The threads devoted to one film. A bit much and I ddn’t find any of the Leone film threads that interesting.

I think a Sergio Corbucci Web Board would be better. Corbucci’s movies are funner than Leone’s. eone was the better film maker but Corbucci was funner. Or better yet, make a three Sergios Web Board talking about Leone, Corbucci, and Sollima! Even better.


Yes, since last week, but I’m not intending to spend much time there.

Some of the threads are very interesting, though.

But Korano seems to be right, there was not much activity in the SW section in this time.

There’s e.g. a german, Mike Siegel, a collector, he made a book and a documentary about Sam Peckinpah and helps to provide DVDs with bonus material, he has tons of fotos and rare informations and he has something to say about certain films. One of those which also were great for our forum and the database.
Maybe we should go fishing some members there?

Or make at least some cautios advertising there.

Some of our members like Cigar Joe or Jill (Sieglinde) are writing there a lot more than here.

Thanks for the information Stanton.

I think I will take a look there for sure, and interesting how different members appear to like different forums…

I’ve been trying to post more regularly there but can’t do it. Thse threads are so unineteresting and are mainly just questions that are already answered. It’s just not that interesting.

It used to be really fascinating forum with lots of good posts on Leone.

Unfortunately the majority of posts are now completely off-topic and there are only a handful of regular contributors.

Nonetheless, it’s still a really good source of information if you have the time to go through all the old stuff. Some new Leone-related releases are needed to get the ball rolling over there again I think.

I’m a member and I’m called Durango.