Sequels that you wish never happened

Title says it all.

Here are some of mine:

Halloween Resurrection (Halloween H20 brought some closure to the series, and then they had to make another one)
Terminator 3 (T2 was the perfect way to end the franchise, but again, they had to make another shitty one)
Alien 3, Alien Resurrection (Need I say more?)
Rocky V

Three movies I really liked that had awful sequels: Blade, Crank and Predator. On a related note, a sequel that isn’t necessarily bad but disappointing to me (because LVC isn’t in it) is Run Man Run :’(

Django Returns
Sabata Returns
The Sequels of Matrix
The Sequels of The Hills have Eyes
The Seqels of The Magnificent 7
Alien vs Predator 2
Death Wish 5

Every Nightmare on Elm Street after Wes Craven’s original. They took a really creepy, rarely seen monster & turned him into a one line cracking cartoon.

Superman Returns
Analyze That
Dumb and Dumberer
The Sting 2

I loved Blade 2 though

The Two Jakes (sequel to Chinatown) is the only sequel for me that almost serves to tarnish the perfection of the original. Horrible movie. Horribly written. Horribly edited. Horribly directed. Nicholson phones it in.

The Colour of Money. Could not understand what all the fuss was about on this one and Cruise is irritating, but then again he usually is.

I thought Predator 2 was awful but entertaining. I thought Predators was quite good except Topher Grace almost ruined it. The original is one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen.

[quote=“Paco Roman, post:3, topic:2663”]Django Returns
Sabata Returns
Alien vs Predator 2

Yeah totally. LVC all of a sudden wearing a toupee. I thought the first AVP was not bad, but the second one was one of the worst films ever.

A few others:
Rob Zombie’s Halloween II
Robocop 3
All of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films after the original
All of the Joel Schumacher Batman Films

Glad that I’ve never watched it!

There were not only bad sequels to Movies but bad TV shows based on Movies either: Conan the Adventurer with the Schwarzenegger Wannabe Ralph Moeller and a bad TV Show called Winnetou’s Rückkehr (Winnetou Returns (after his Death in Winnetou 3) ) in the 90’s with Pierre Brice . BTW Winnetou Returns has an Imdb Rating of 1.7 .

Read somewhere some fans were not to happy about Winnetou returning from the grave so to speak :stuck_out_tongue: .

django kill!
rytern of ringo
blade 3
underwold 3
jason goes to hell
critters 3 and 4
all hellraisers after 3
all halloween after 3
saw 4, 5, 6, 7, 2
demons 2, 3

The 2 Jakes is not as good as Chinatown, but I remember it at least as an entertaining sequel. A watchable 6/10 film

Maybe it worked better as an unofficial Living Dead Sequel!

And what’s about Halloween 3: Season of the Witch ?
I remember Halloween H20 wasn’t that bad. The first time I saw the title H20 I thought it would be the 20th Sequel. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Paco Roman, post:14, topic:2663”]And what’s about Halloween 3: Season of the Witch ?
I remember Halloween H20 wasn’t that bad. The first time I saw the title H20 I thought it would be the 20th Sequel. :)[/quote]
very good the halloween part 3 i have it, all the others is poor copys of the old ones

I didn’t like part 3, it made no sense. I think they just tacked the name on to sell a turd.

[quote=“sartana1968, post:11, topic:2663”]django kill!
rytern of ringo[/quote]

Neither of which are sequels, but never mind.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, when I was younger I wished for another Indiana Jones, guess I shouldn’t have.

Alien³, not awful, but it ruins the series story and it could have been so much better.

Conan the Destroyer, loved the first one, hated the sequel.

The Matrix Reloaded, and probably The Matrix Revolutions, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Agree 100%, I was so excited to see this movie and then wanted to walk out of the theatre 5 mins in.

Apparently I’m one of the few who thinks The Godfather pt 2 was a failure.

Most other movies mentioned here were indeed rubbish.
In general I don’t like those continuing stories, Friday the 13th, Halloween 2 etc. unless there really is some story developement. In that sense I like the SAW series. Some episodes are better than others, but they try to do something with the premise. In most cases, it’s just rehashing the same idea over and over again, with only a few minor changes.