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Thoroughly enjoyed Sir Chris talking Spaghettis again last night. Couldn’t say how often I’ve heard the same (or at least very similar) talk from him but always a pleasure.

Had a chat with him before and after as well and he was very excited with his latest book and some of the stuff he was able to unearth for it.


In Berlin:
Once Upon a Time in the West. Yorck cinemas

Hello, amigos, and especially my amigos from Belgium and that other dessert land : Holland.
In august 2018 there are two westerns on a big screen in the cinema-zuid in Antwerp. Below you can find the links for both evenings.
1/ On 16/08/2017 20.00u they play “Once upon a time in the west” in 4K restauration.
2/ On 26/08/2017 14.00u they play “Flaming Star” in a special Elvis day ( They play also “Jailhouse Rock” and " Viva Las Vegas"

Anyone who wants to go together with me , let me know, so we can meet each other in real life. And change ideas about everything related to spagettiwesterns and regular westerns.


hello amigos
the date is of coures august 2017 :wink:

They’re playing the films on the wrong days. They should be having the Elvis day on the 16th, that being the fortieth anniversary of his death.

I wish there was a cool little cinema near me with Elvis days, spag western presentations and whatnot. All I’ve got is a poxy overpriced Cineworld. No special events, no midnite madness triple-bill all-nighters, no Shaw Brothers weekenders; just the dozen or so biggest releases at any given time and £7 hot dogs. :disappointed:

Hi amigos, from Belgium and Holland or Germany.

They are playing two spaghetti’s in the belgium cinema. In Cinema Zuid in Antwerp.

" El Topo" on 29/06/2018 20.30 and “The Great Silence” on 23/05/2018 20.00u


Sorry for merging these old posts over, but just to illustrate… we should get better at capturing screenings world wide, and update the screenings ticker posted all the way on top.