Scalps (Bruno Mattei, Claudio Fragasso, 1986)

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some nice amigo in the Spanish department just posted this link:

I wanna get the German DVD. the film looks exploitative enough so I think I might enjoy it, plus the lady looks really sexy, too

Which German release are you planning to get ?

Well, the movie is far from great but “exploitative enough” not to fall asleep :wink: !!! Very violent in parts :o !!! :wink:

well if I get it, I’ll get the xrated DVD, not the cheap one on amazon which nobody knows what version it is :wink:

Good choice ! The x-rated disc is pretty much ok and with 97min. around 2min. longer than my old UFA vhs-release. Seems to be uncut !?

DvD suevia :
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This is interesting sw, it’s one of the very last westerns made in Italy and it’s also one of the most violent. As you can easily guess there’s lot of scalpings in the film and Vassilis Karis is being tortured in very nasty way in the end. The script (written by Richard Harrison ;)) doesn’t make much sense, but otherwise it’s well made film and looks great, I especially likes the very last shot of the film, very powerful and cool. Music is credited to Luigi Ceccarelli but most of the music is recycled from other films, at least I recognised music from Run man run.

By the way, check out little blooper at 1:05

I have heard of this one. I know that who I’m about to citeis kind of an idiot, but is it true this is as violent as Weisser says? And usn’t there a post about this?

Saw a poor quality vhs tape of this and was pleasently surprised.
Very enjoyable film. Semi remake of “Soldier Blue” but not as violent but a hella lot more entertaining.
The soundtrack (which rips from other spaghetti’s) is tops!

I thought this was alot of fun, hard to believe it was made in 1987. I love how dramatic the music is (some parts taken from Run Man Run), and the ending was genius.

Is this movie as gory as the name? By the way you have a very good blog Julio!

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@silence, yes it’s pretty gory. One of the most violent sw’s there is but then again it’s not that violent compared to some horror films of the time.


can’t wait to see this. violence and a hot girl (I think, from the trailer?), can’t be wrong

It’s not a gore or horror film like Cut Throats Nine, its more action/drama oriented… I didn’t think it was that gory really, the back of the x-rated dvd pretty much shows it all.
Beautifully made though, I found it inspiring at some points.

My favourite of the 80’s Spaghetti westerns.

Found it to be too boring and uninteresting for my taste.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:14, topic:1086”]My favourite of the 80’s Spaghetti westerns.[/quote]Which isn’t saying much

saw this last night and it looked cheap and certainly at the beginning with the indian village ripped off " Soldier Blue" but the effects especially the chopped off heads looked very phoney. it was quite gory in places with the scalpings and the torture near the end, but was disappointed with it overall, thing i wasn’t disappointed with was Mapi Galain, the indian squaw, she was Very attractive :stuck_out_tongue:

And it has one of the most ridiculously over-the-top death scenes - I won’t go into great details for those who haven’t seen it, but maybe it was meant as an ‘homage’ to Toshiro Mifune’s demise in Throne of Blood

I really enjoyed this - the elements nicked from Soldier Blue are used a lot better here than in that snooze-fest and Mattei’s direction is surprisingly strong. The scalping scenes are the first I have seen that really show the brutality of this procedure.

My review of the excellent Spanish disc - Scalps, venganza india

Good work too, but I’d change ‘persuit’ into ‘pursuit’

I’m not a real fan of these films, I know scalping was a popular pastime in those days, but I’m not very fond of watching it. Soldier Blue went far enough as far as the depiction of sadistic violence is concerned.