Savage Pampas / Pampa salvaje (Hugo Fregonese, 1966)

So I have the French BluRay now with the longer version on it (as an extra). It has disclaimer about it being a reconstruction that uses some lesser quality sources. The opening credits there are English and differ from the German opening (my reference is the UHD from Busch Media). I don’t have the Energy quite right now to do a minute by minute comparison, but eventually I might do that. I am somewhat fascinated by this movie, and most of all its soundtrack. Also, those who have it, or the DVD, I would love to read a summary in English about what the two interviews present as main takeaways, my french is too bad to follow Brions and Traverniers statements.

I’ll be very interested, Sebastian, in your further comments on the French SAVAGE PAMPAS blu-ray’s long version. The 94 minute version holds little interest for me, knowing it’s significantly cut. If the “inferior source” elements of the long version are decent or better, I will be an enthusiastic purchaser. Many thanks.

Couldn’t hold off, received the French blu-ray today. I’ll offer my observations in a couple days.

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