Savage Guns / Era Sam Wallash! … Lo chiamavano … E così sia! (Demofilo Fidani, 1971)

Pecos is probably my favourite of his movies … it’s full of great little moments and disturbing characters … if only it had a descent budget it could have been up there with the top 10 classics of the genre.

We need to see Pecos in real desert locations and not those crappy looking Rome sand pits.


Funnily enough, I’ve just said on the ‘Podcasts’ thread that ‘Pecos’ is my fave.
Robert Woods is excellent in the role, portraying probably the tallest Mexican who ever lived…

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Where did they go wrong with the sequel??

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I wouldn’t bet on it… :wink:

It’s not the same calibre, is it - still the opening scene in the cantina is good.

Feels like a Mexican Fu Manchu movie, with the 3 comic sidekicks - definitely loses the point.

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I think that when the film began, with three arseholes playing musical instruments, attempting to introduce a comedic element, it lost me…but not so much that I won’t re-visit it again, soon.

Robert Woods is still superb, even though, he is, IMHO, playing a watered-down version of the rough, tough, revengeful son of a bitch Pecos from ‘My Name is Pecos’, that I came to love.

The added so-called humour hurts the film to such an extent than it needs a pain-killer, to see it through the horrendous ‘musical interludes’, by said ‘dick-heads’.

Having said that, ‘Pecos Cleans Up’ is not a bad film…the major gripe is that it decided to about with the original character of the revengeful ‘Pecos’, to such an extent, that the character is reduced to being a side-kick for the three afore-mentioned musical arseholes.

The original ‘Pecos’ deserved more than this luke-warm serving of tortilla…

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LOL … did you notice that one of, “said arseholes” is played by the same guy who was the sneaky undertaker in the first film ? Umberto Raho … also a very tall Mexican at 6’ 1" … You see if the movie is duff, then you can always play the trivia game :wink:

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Take care, you…all the best, amigo :smiley:

Well, bugger me, I didn’t know that he was 3 inches shorter than Clint Eastwood!

Lots of laughs to you, Aldo…Cheers! :grinning:

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Banging after they were killed. Fidani was a physical medium active from 1936 onwards and, as is known, in this field there are many testimonies on ghosts knocking on door, causing bells to ring or opening doors and windows repeatedly.

There’s also Robert Hundar, but the Mexicans played by George Eastman in Django The Last Killer and Bastard Go and Kill are undoubtedly on the highest step of the podium! :slightly_smiling_face:

One Damned Day at Dawn…


Yes that was funny, which maybe could be interpreted as a hint that some other scenes also were intentionally ment to be funny, for example the horrible song in the saloon by the ugly woman (Claudio Camaso in disguise?) and the rough boxing match. But the slow motion fist fight was too silly to be funny IMO.
The end of Savage Guns was not unexpected…
The Youtube video of Savage Guns had at least good image quality.
4-5/10 ?

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Just ordered this DVD. This masterpiece should not be missing in my collection. :slight_smile:

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Let us know about the quality, Giuliano

I’m interested in this also, but I doubt that it’s superior to the Swedish VHS

Sure, I’ll let you know, but it may take a while before it arrives at my house. So be patient please. I’m not expecting much about the quality, but who knows…

Well, just checked the quality, and it looks like an old VHS tape…
So not that good… Just have to wait for the Fidani Blu Ray set, but that’s gonna be a long wait I’m afraid.

Sounds like the old Mill Creek release then