Savage Guns / Era Sam Wallash! … Lo chiamavano … E così sia! (Demofilo Fidani, 1971)

This movie has a terrible reputation. Has anybody seen it? Should I watch it for camp value?


If you want some camp values I think this movie will do. Some scenes are unitentionally funny [for example flashback scene or slow motion bar brawl] and the plot is simply terrible [it’s Fidani so it’s not strange I suppose:P]. The music was nice [only good thing I can find about this movie I think:P]. But after all this movie was kind of guilty pleasure for me because I like to make fun of movies that was supposed to be serious but turned out to be terrible ;D

Just watched it. What can I say? It’s bad, but I liked it. A lot of fun moments and a ridiculous lead (the guy’s phobia, haha)

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The flashback scene was totally awesome I think. Those guys firing hundreds of bullets from their six-shooters and everything shown in not fitting slow motion, I almost died laughing.

hehe, yeah. talk about execessive violence. good explanation for his fear of clapping doors though :smiley: Hell, this movie was fun. Bad, but fun.

re-watched this film recently. Actually this is one of Fidani’s better films including many memorable and weird scenes:
-Long and terribly bad saloon song and dance
-Fidanis’ best joke ever; hired killers called Peter Martell, Gordon Mitchell and Lincoln tate. greatest cameo-appearances in spaghetti westerns. The scene itself doesn’t have anything to do with the plot of the film.
-Dancing old guy :smiley:
-Long boxing match (again nothing to do with the plot of the film)
-Robert Woods’ strange trauma about clapping doors. and this is some weird shit!!! and so unintentionally funny! I’ts especially great when he kills three bandits only because they laugh at his strange behaviour.
-Almost surreal saloon fight in slow motion.
-good twist at the end.

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I have this film in fullscreen, not bad at all. I saw in the database:…lo_chiamavano%27cos%C3%AC_sia%27
that a dvd exists, does anybody have this disc to tell about the quality ?

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It’s a public domain fullscreen job which is included in a number of cheap boxsets. (see the DVD information link for details)
Quality wise it will probably be no better than the VHS you already have. I have both and they are much of a muchness. However, the said boxsets are very cheap and usually include some pretty good titles along with this one.

I believe CineCity has a widescreen version of it, ripped from a Dutch VHS. Don’t know if he still sells it, but he did a year ago. I really like this movie and would love to see it in widescreen, but I found it too expensive (18,50 euro fr a dvdr if I remember correctly). Anyway, the pd version doesn’t do the flick much justice, but I don’t see any chance of this getting a decent release. Maybe somebody here has the widescreen version and is willing to share? I’d pay a small fee for that.

I got the Danish VHS which should also be widescreen, probably the same print as the Dutch. Have no means of transferring it to DVD at the moment I’m afraid though.

Yes this is a very good little film and it might be Fidani’s best Spaghetti. I am actually a proponent of his work, his films are like the Holodeck from Star Trek in that they were made from nothing and seem to feature the same pre-programmed characters, sets and plots just recycled or changed around a bit. This one is probably more accessible than most of his others that I have seen. The cheapo box set versions are all identical so any one of them would do just as well.

All this talk from Brother Squonkamatic about Greek vhs (which I am also very fond of) … and these vid versions that are being discussed made me think - and I’ve found an old mtc vid (greek) on my shelf of this. And I can stick it on dvdr. So I now need to check if it’s widescreen … :slight_smile: ???

… And … it’s not!!
Great picture quality - but fullscreen I’m afraid. Oh well :’(

Don’t wanna part with my Danish tapes. Will see if I can do a transfer some time, in that case I’m willing to do some dvdr-trading.

I understand. It was worth a try. Don’t have a whole lot of dvdr’s to trade with, but I can do you an original dvd if you like.

Got the Swedish vhs (a Video Center release) in today and just watched it. Great to finally see this in widescreen! The subs are a tad intrusive as they have black bars on the background instead of merely the lettering, but this version is still a gazillion times times better than the commonly available public domain version. A real treat when having watched said crappy version a dozen times. It’s almost like watching a different movie, which adds to the overall surrealness that is Savage Guns.
And Simonetta Vitelli’s legs… :o

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I have this on DVD-R , it’s an ok movie. I enjoyed it.

[quote=“Wild, post:17, topic:434”]I have this on DVD-R , it’s an ok movie. I enjoyed it.

8)[/quote]it is not brillant but it is easily watchable and i don’t think it deserves it’s bad reputation, compared to “white comanche” and especially the biggest spaghetti western piece of shit i’ve ever seen “trinity and sartana,those sons of bitches” it is a masterpiece.

Bad Lieutenant’s review of this masterpiece is now available in a more common language than Dutch:

Yes, one of Fid’s better outings, with several memorable moments (and not all of them were also silly), and there was lots of time to watch at Simone’s long legs (mostly in stockings).