Savage Gringo / Ringo del Nebraska (Antonio Román, Mario Bava, 1966)

Nebraska (Ken Clark) gets work on a ranch which is having cattle stolen and ranch hands getting killed. At first the wife of the ranch boss appears to be the reason the bad guys are causing trouble, but it transpires they are after some cash of her late father who was a bank robber.

Thought the first half of the film was more American in style, and pretty slow going at times but film does not outstay its welcome with a running time of roughly around 83 minutes. Could not get over how tall Clark was, and the whole he did what the film was expected of him. Music was standard and all pretty much sounded the same most of the time.
I enjoyed the film on the whole and story was simple enough. As this film appears to be directed by Bava, I would say it is my favourite of his westerns.

Anyone any thoughts on the film ?

Didn’t someone else co direct this with Bava? Never seen it myself.

The current majority on this thread (look at recent posts) appear to think Bava:,640.0.html

The last western you watched Thread (October 26th 2008):

"Ringo from Nebraska / Savage Gringo with Ken Clark and Piero Lulli and supposed to be directed by Mario Bava.

Watched it with a friend: He gives 5/10 and I give 5.5/10 for this just little entertaining movie…"

The German VHS releases’ cover says directed by Antonio Román !??! ???

do you have an english release of this ENNIOO? I have the italian dvd version, no english…

will try to get my list together this weekend… just finished a dub project for Frenchie King that was takin’ most of my spaghetti time…

Yes, have the english one which of course I can send ;).

Román was supposed to direct this film but for some reason producers booted him after only few days of shooting. No idea which scenes might be his but I remember some scenes being weak technically, like transitional scenes with very shaky camera.

Bava’s best western, which is not saying much but it has it’s moments and good photography all the way.

Bava’s talents did not excel in the western genre.

Viewed the koch disc… I think this is Bava’s best western as well, felt more like a spaghetti western than his other two (thanks to Piero Lulli), it’s a pretty standard story… but well executed.

Also the fight scenes are actually good… theres even some blood at various points.

So does the Koch disc have English options then?
Listed on the DB as:

Audio: German, Italian

Subtitles: German (tbc)

Yeah, all 3 new ones have english subtitles.

Shame no english audio on the Koch disc.

As far as I know, they weren’t allowed in the end to add English audio to the new ones. Ennio had helped Koch to get an English version of Ringo del Nebraska by sending them one, so it was planned, but in the end they didn’t got the rights to use it.

Too bad, the DVD world isn’t made of wishful thinking.

Thanks for sending the disc to Koch Stanton.

Me, the go-between.

Was it again a deviant DVD trade? :wink:

You never know :wink: .

Ah well, back to work for me :wink:

Just watched this. Today is my KOCH day.
Just like bluntwolf said, nice little flick. I actually liked it a whole lot more than Road to Alamo.

Some nice gory things in there…

[quote=“Dillinger, post:18, topic:1414”]I actually liked it a whole lot more than Road to Alamo.[/quote]Likewise, better than Roy Colt and Winchester Jack aswell.

Haven’t had the pleasure of watching that, yet.