Sartana vs. Django vs. Sabata

Who do you like the most?

very good thread, well done!!
sartana he will be always my best SW character
sartana 6/5
sabata 5/5
django 4/5

Ok, I edited the poll to include Sabata also :smiley:

ok thanks lindberg 8)

I voted Sartana of course but paradoxically I usually put Django higher on my top 20 lists than the Sartana films.

Django for me :slight_smile: .


Django is the best movie, Sabata the coolest character, so for me:


Sartana for me, I guess.

sartana my best movie and sartana my best character so 2 in 1 :wink:

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:8, topic:2787”]Django is the best movie, Sabata the coolest character, so for me:

i don’t see to vote sabata

I voted for Django myself

Character/Films (not counting Indio Black, sai che ti dico: sei un gran figlio di…)



  1. Lee Van Cleef
  2. Franco Nero
  3. Gianni Garko

Django is the most serious character of these three, even if his actions are a bit over-the-top, dragging a coffin around, etc

Sartana & Sabata are mostly fun comic-book types

Now you can, Mister All-too-Clever

Guess thats the main reason I like Django…the serious tone.

All great characters but for me I gotta go with Sabata. After all it’s LVC! The real question is who has the better theme song.

ha ha ok scherpschutter ;D
now you are good boy! :smiley:

Sabata rules.

When there are clouds in the skies, and they are grey.
You may be sad but remember that love will pass away.
Oh django!
After the showers is the sun.
Will be shining…
Oh oh oh django!
You must go on,
Oh oh oh django…