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Been trolling the boards for a while, but this is the first time I’ve been compelled to post.

Here is my question…

Is the original Sartana on DVD? I’m aware of the many official and unofficial DVDs. Is the original just entitled “Sartana” or does it have an elongated title?

I’m very interested in checking it out. I’d appreciate any info on how to find this on DVD (I have an all-region player).

For those that have seen the original…how does it rate against the other Sartana titles?



what you’re looking for is this film:

I think there are no “good” official DVDs out. At least in Germany I guess you can get one (but not online).

Blood At Sundown isn´t a Sartana-movie, Gianni Garko´s character is named Sartana, that´s all.

For me, the “original” Sartana is the first one from -68 by Gianfranco Parolini, IF YOU MEET SARTANA, PRAY FOR YOUR DEATH.

There was (is ??) a South African DVD but I have never seen it. WS and english audio.

That’s right, …pray for your death is the first Sartana movie. The only English audio DVD I’m aware of is a very poor quality one available from Xploited Cinema titled simply “Sartana”. I’m not even sure if it’s an official release. I find it watchable, but that’s probably because I spent years watching poor quality TV recordings of SW’s on VHS and Betamax! The good news is that Wild East are rumoured to be releasing a double feature of Sartana films, and …pray for your Death is supposed to be one of them. We’ll have to wait and see.

…and to continue! How does the first Sartana compare with the later films? Well, Sartana is more of a sinister mystery man in this one. Also, if you’ve sen any other Parloni films (the Sabata trilogy for example) then you’ll get an idea what this one’s like. It’s quite different, but every bit as enjoyable.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. And yes, I’ve seen (and love) the Sabata films.

Thanks, I saw this a few days back. I’m psyched…and surprised that it went up at Xploited just a few days after I posted here. Very coincidental.

Anyone know if the Garko interview is a recent one?

I WANT MY (garko)SARTANA BOXSet, .who owns the rights to the sartana films? i think its time for a write- in campaign :o

well, box set… which films would you include? there’s nothing like an “official series” really in terms of plot and so on, it’s more like Sartana being a popular character like Django, which doesn’t mean there’s a continuing story or related content in story.
i know what you mean though, just like there’s a Sabata box, but also: Yul Brynner is not Lee van Cleef, and his name is not Sabata, his name is Indio Black.

Just like there’s a Django box in Germany, but Texas Adios is not Django, although it’s called like that in Germany.

I think box sets are very problematic. I’d rather have a Garko box than a Sartana box, because that would evade the title problem

I don’t think there’s a problem about the official Sartana films except the case of “Sartana’s here…trade your Pistol for a Coffin”. If you ask me the box should include:
If you Meet Sartana Pray For Your deat
I’m Sartana Your Angel of Death
Have a Good funeral…Sartana will Pay
Light the Fuse…Sartana is coming
Sartana’s here Trade your Pistol for a Coffin

All the rest films with Sartana in the title are fake and nothing to do with the original character.

ok sounds reasonable. the problem then will be to find a company that holds rights to all of them and has good master materials.

Koch or Blue Underground should buy everything and make another great box set. I could imagine that other companies would destroy those flics. but is it that easy to get all the rights…and of course the material?

THE FILMS I HAD IN MIND WERE- (IF YOU MEET SARTANA…-(LIGHT THE FUSE…-(I AM SARTANA…-(HAVE A GOOD FUNERAL… so pretty much i agree with bill san antonio,except for trade your pistol… i like this film but in my mind its not sartana,so i guess sebastian has a point.anyway i would love to see these movies properly released.

i love all the sartana films.i feel garko-carminio film called they call him cemetary aka. a bullet for the stranger should be owned by any fan that loves sartana even though he is called the ace of hearts he defenatly has a sartana feel. i just got the franco cleef version and i love it even though the sound quality is not the greatest it is fantastic. does anyone know if there is a franco cleef site out there to get the dvds direct?
u.s. seller jerksi has the best version i have found of if you meet sartana prey for your death. he is a good seller.

a few sartanas are available on “real” dvds too, which titles are you interested in? franco cleef doesnt sell on websites as far as i know

I wish some one would release Trade Your Pistol… in a decent widescreen format. The crappy Fistful of Lead release doesn’t do it justice. I saw some stills taken from a version broadcast on German TV a while back and it looked great, so there is a decent print out there somewhere.

i read some where there was a sequel to they call him holy ghost. i would love to find this film. i would also like to know which titles are available on franco cleef is i only have a few but have been please with them.

Can anybody who’s seen the Wild East “If you Meet Sartana, Pray…” give a brief review of the picture quality?

I read at another site that the aspect ratio (2.35:1) is squeezed down from its original aspect ratio (1.78:1 or 1.85:1), and it distorts the image. Source:

Is this true?

[quote=“Lee Van McQueen, post:19, topic:157”]Can anybody who’s seen the Wild East “If you Meet Sartana, Pray…” give a brief review of the picture quality?

I read at another site that the aspect ratio (2.35:1) is squeezed down from its original aspect ratio (1.78:1 or 1.85:1), and it distorts the image. Source:

Is this true?[/quote]

It’s true.

Here’s screenshots from the Wild East and ZYX (from Germany) discs. Not for modem users unless you like to wait for some time.