Sartana on DVD

seems like both discs suck in some way or another

Stay away from the German dvd release ‘Sartana - bete um Deinen Tod’, it really sucks !!!

The old tape is much better !!!

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Wild East seem to have had a couple of aspect ratios problems recently. As well as Sartana, their Gentleman Killer is wrong. If you don’t manualy set the aspect ratio on your DVD player, the movie appears as a narrow band approx one third of the screen height! Their more recent Taste Of Killing is OK though.

Actually there is nothing wrong with the aspect ratio on the Sartana disc, the problem is that it’s flagged as anamorphic. If you have a widescreen display zoom in the picture (as you probably always do when watching non-anamorphic discs) and it will be 1.75:1. I’m sure it’s the same thing with their Gentleman Killer disc.

From A Fistful of DVD

The disc has been incorrectly encoded into anamorphic widescreen ~2.20:1, making the image squashed. OAR for the film is supposed to be about 1.75:1. With widescreen TVs you can use the zoom function to make the image show in the correct aspect ratio. With standard TVs setting the player to wide (16x9) should make it appear in the correct ratio (haven’t been able to verify this).

Hmmm, I didn’t have this problem on my Sartana disc, either.

Anyone knows if this version is any good? I can’t find any specifications anywhere on the web :frowning:

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Anyone knows if this version is any good? I can’t find any specifications anywhere on the web :([/quote]
i had this and it is fullscreen, get yourself a German x-rated edition instead :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the information, I certainly will :slight_smile:

That’s a great cover… Interesting that they only used part of the title. It’s one of the weirdest titles to a movie I have ever seen.

does anybody now if they exist or are the being made cause i really want to have the 3 other parts in inglish without forced german subtitles or can you put it off

anybody nows something

Light the Fuse and Have a Good Funeral have both german releases with english audio but with forced subtitles. Forced subtitles can be removed though if you make a copy with dvdshrink.

xploited cinema sells Franco Cleef dvd-r versions without the subs.

Also, there’s some cheap releases of Have a Good Funeral but I don’t know about the quality, probably just vhs-transfer.

can you point out to me the discs with forced subtitles. i am not sure if that information is in the databse

X-rated’s Have a Good Funeral and Light the Fuse, Simpel’s Light the Fuse.
It’s in the database already.

These are poor quality full screen prints with horrible jump frame edits during the first 20 minutes or so… You know, those edits where the frame literally jumps and goes temporarily to a black screen before the next camera angle jumps into frame, and on and on… Anyone who has ever sat through poor quality old school 70s martial arts movies has seen this before.

This is certainly not how the movie was originally created and/or released.

Still wondering why wildeast didn t released that sartana boxset

and is there any hope that there is something coming out on blu ray or else a good restored version

there is the sartana boxset from i don t know the company but the qaulity leaves to answer

Wild East didn’t release it because of licensing issues.