Sartana Kills Them All / Un par de asesinos (Rafael Romero Marchent, 1970)

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I just recieved this movie, I will be watching it tomorrow. I would really like to read some opinions about it.

I thought it was allright for a western/comedy. It’s sort of a buddymovie with pretty lame jokes, so you have to be in the mood for that kind of stuff. I was afraid romantic crap was gonna spoil this movie, but luckily that’s not the case. I’d rate it 6/10

Yeah, it was quite good I think. They just could have used Garko’s acting talents more. Also I thought the comedy elements were used in kind of uneven way, like if they weren’t sure wether they want to make comedy or a serious spag. But after all I found this movie entertaining.

This is pretty damn good film in my opinion. I like these slightly comedic buddy films and Garko and Guglielmo Spoletini make a good pair. And Maria Silva is a real pleasure for my eyes.

This film has also one of the coolest band of outlaws: the old crippled man and his four demented sons. Whoever was responsible for their outfits did a good job. They all got very distinct cool look. Too bad they’re killed of too early in the film.

Great soundtrack too.

I started to watch this film, but think no mood at all for that comedy, I´ll try to watch it again… but some comedy with Garko ? Well he would be better with Sartana serius role…

Do you really think this is a comedy?

Its not really a comedy but has one fun scene when Garko is placing dynamite on the casino table in front of Raf Baldassare.
The music is also great.

This is a comedy (of sorts). Just look at how the story plays out, specifically the ending. and of course the whole buddy aspect.

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:8, topic:439”]This is a comedy (of sorts). Just look at how the story plays out, specifically the ending. and of course the whole buddy aspect.[/quote]Sure it has comedic elements and maybe it can be called comedy but anyone who can’t stand comedy spaghetti’s shouldn’t avoid it. It’s no pure comedy and slapstick like Trinity films or other comedy sw’s of the early 70’s. I would compare it to films like And for a Roof a Skyfull of Stars or Ben & Charlie.

Can anybody please post or send me the cover of Koch Media release of this movie?

[quote=“alk0, post:10, topic:439”]Can anybody please post or send me the cover of Koch Media release of this movie?[/quote]I sent you e-mail.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s a long time since I watched this one. An OK time-waster, I was just expecting something more from the cast and the screenwriter who had done some quality horror like HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON if I remember correctly. I liked the music and theme song (love him or hate him but Marcello Giombini wrote incredibly catchy tunes) and also some characters like the aforementioned crippled outlaw leader. Otherwise it was one of Gianni Garko’s lesser westerns, down there with BAD MAN’S RIVER I’d say. (What’s the problem with Spanish directors and westerns?) The comedy elements were mostly THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY type backstabbing jokiness, not very funny though.

Like you said, an OK pastime.
The genre was over its peak in those days, and it shows. Nor the director, nor the screenwriter seem to know exactly whether it should be a straightforword spaghetti, or a comedy type one. As a result it’s not really funny, nor really exciting, but most amigos will want to ride along nonetheless. The italian title is a fake, but an inventive one: Lo irritarono … e Santana fece piazza pulita. In english: They irritated him … and Santana made clean slate. So not Sartana, but Santana. This was misread by international distributors, so the whole world did what the germans were doing for quite some time: putting a famous name in the title of a movie that didn’t feature the character.
Completely forgot that Garko was in Bad Man’s River, only remembered Lee & La Lollo.
Any freudians here?

Spanish directors: until recently, I had the same idea, but then I saw EL PRECIO DE UN HOMBRE, a Spanish dominated western (so more paella than spaghetti), but not bad at all, certainly not bad at all …

I don’t think they misread it since this movie has also been released as “…And Santana Killed Them All” in english-speaking countries. It’s strange that italian dub has the protagonist’s name sometimes pronounced “Santana” while in some scenes it’s clearly “Sartana.” I wonder how it is in english dub.

Nothing wrong with spanish directors making westerns. This Santana/Sartana just happens to be one of Rafael Romero Marchent’s lesser westerns. I’d recommend his earlier genre films Awkward Hands, Garringo, Dead Men Don’t Count! and Two Crosses at Danger Pass to any SW freak out there. I have high expectations for his Ringo the Lone Rider.

The “Spanish directors” aside was not meant to be taken as a serious argument or complaint (actually I tried to add some kind of smiley but couldn’t), as they’ve done a lot of solid work inside the genre from GUNMAN’S HANDS to CUT-THROATS NINE… But it’s a fact that profilic Spaniards like Marchent, Martino, Iquino etc are rarely mentioned as anyone’s favourite SW filmmakers (with Martino it’s easy to see as his later westerns have none of the strengths of PRECIO DE UN HOMBRE) and in international cult film fandom they often seem to be overshadowed by horror directors like Amando de Ossorio, Paul Naschy, Narciso Ibanez Serrador, Jess Franco etc. On the other hand I feel the Spanish western has not been seriously looked at as a subgenre, deeper research could reveal some real buried treasures.

The "Spanish directors" aside was not meant to be taken as a serious argument or complaint (actually I tried to add some kind of smiley but couldn't)

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I like this film. I would also compare it to something Ben and Charlie. Unfortunately the German dub on the Koch Media dvd is one of those afwul comedy dubs and adds insane amount of dialogue. To make things worse, they based the subtitles on this dub so the Italian track is useless unless you understand Italian (which I don’t). Don’t forget the great theme song !

Yes, the Theme song is not bad to this one.

It’s a OK Movie. Has it’s moments. Also watched the dubbed German Version and sometimes it is funny. I also liked the Music Score. Could have been better with a better script. You will never find this one in a Best of List.