Sartana in the Valley of Death / Sartana nella valle degli avvoltoi (Roberto Mauri, 1970)

Interesting stuff.
I have only ever seen the UK DVD version which didn’t make a great impression. Perhaps the film is improved in its fuller form.

Interesting like you say as always thought the U.K pre cert vhs was uncut

I found this one very enjoyable.

I’ve only ever watched this on the inter-ocean VHS. Is the C’est La Vie DVD shorter or exactly the same?

The dvd is shorter :wink: .

The Italian theatrical version (rated T - all ages admitted - in August 1970, without cuts) is 102 minutes long.

French version with correct AR and 95 minutes runtime (includes the above-mentioned scenes with Carlo Giordana and Jolanda Modio):

I much prefer it this way

Sartana has risen from the gravel pit and arrived in the database:

I’m laughing like crazy here for this. :smiley:

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“The sparse gunplay is alright, but there’s a very odd scene in the beginning of the movie, with Berger being trapped in the middle of a town street, causing some explosions by simply shooting at the ground. What the hell was the idea behind this?” Quote from Scherpy’s review…

Brother Quidtum says above…
"[quote=“quidtum, post:80, topic:1283”]
the master has been manipulated and cut very strangely, creating some weird results sometimes, for example, when at the beginning Lee Calloway (Berger) on his horse is trapped in the city streets by horseback gunmen, he’s able to escape just because he throws some sticks of dynamite on the ground and then shoots them, while watching the UK tape you can’t understand the reason of all the explosions and dust clouds.

And @ BrotherJC … Oh yes! Much more preferable!! :heart_eyes:

I got a similar reaction on facebook. They really made a strange cut in this case. Cuts more often have weird effects, but this must be one of the weirdest

The DB has Rick Boyd as Slim :smirk:
Pamela Tudor is the widow (Esther ?, I did not hear a name), Clementine is Pigozzi (Preacher in English)'s daughter (Carmencita?). In the English version I have, Berti is Copper and De Rosa is Willie Craig. I did not see Bruno Ukmar but Clemente is one of Norton’s bank guards and Franco the other outlaw with Bruno Arié at the Craig hideout. In the cantina, Alfonso Giganti is the barman and the two Danesi’s appear together

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Yes, in the Italian version Pigozzi’s daughter (Josiane Tanzilli, Volpina in Fellini’s Amarcord) is called Carmencita.

I’d change the script to finding a swinging doorway big enough for the horse, saving the dynamite till the last possible moment. Maybe riding the horse to a second-floor balcony to an open field of fire.

Aldo Berti’s character is ‘Cougher’ not ‘Copper’ … as he coughs in every scene. :smiley:

He is listed as ‘George’ on IMDB, but is never referred to as this in the English version.
Further confusion is that Alan Collins aka Luciano Pigozzi as the ‘Preacher’, says hello to the brothers of Wayde Preston’s character ‘Jason’, naming them ‘Willie and Pete’ … later when ‘Willie’ has been shot by Berger, the remaining brothers find ‘Willie’s’ gun in “the desert” … then in the French version Willie has become Peter !!! The brothers Preston and Berti remarking how they’d know Peter’s gun anywhere !!!

Also … in the English dub, it sounds like Berger’s character is ‘Galloway’, rather than ‘Calloway’ as seen on the wanted posters … but I rarely trust the Italian art department’s spelling.

The reason for all this knit-picking ? … I added the English audio to the French YouTube rip and there are a few lines left in French, for which I made a short subtitle. That’s when I started scratching my head, asking who’s Peter, wasn’t that Willie who just got killed !!!

PS: I liked the movie, it’s an ‘A’ grade ‘B’ movie in my book :wink:


Excellent grades! Glad someone likes it, I have only ever read negative stuff about it. Death Valley was the first non Leone SW dvd I bought so it will always be special to me. :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you! The movie makes a lot more sense with the full runtime. I wonder why they cut it so sloppily in most other releases.

I have to agree. It’s a great B movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly once I watched the full version as it made more sense with the missing scenes, especially the Juanita-Slim subplot.