Sartana Does Not Forgive / Sartana non perdona / Sonora (Alfonso Balcázar, 1968)

Very atmospheric revenge story with many interesting and tense confrontations (I especially liked the russian roulette duels) .

To my surprise I loved this film, the Spaghetti feeling is so strong I could taste it.


Great cast. A little slow in parts, and very cheaply made. But good stuff none the less despite the limitations.

I rob banks in order to see Roland, Elam and Martin all in one movie.

If someone has an extra copy of this film or something, I would really appreciate seeing it.

Does anyone know if there’s an English dub for this? I only know of a version with burned-in subs.

I have seen a trailer to the film which had an english dub.

Hope he doesn’t mind me mentioning this but someone told me he has seen an english language South African TV print of this one. I’d like to get my hands on one…especially after the disappointment with the Sartana box set. Ah well, maybe someone out there has one…guess it’ll probably turn up eventually.

Very good trailer, great music too.

Sure is :slight_smile: .

I’ve seen this a few times now (a subtitled, widescreen print from Australia’s sadly defunct SBS TV channel) and it never fails to disappoint.

I agree that the atmosphere is extremely spaghetti-esque - almost to the point of self-parody - and that there are good moments along the way, such as the shots through coloured panes of glass (I thought more should have been made of these), as well as a decent score, but overall the film barely has a pulse.

Alfonso Balcazar was much better as a writer/producer than a director, as this plodding revenge film underlines. It’s slackly paced (others seem to have enjoyed the Russian roulette duels; I found they merely padded out the narrative) and has one of the most cringe-worthy flashbacks I’ve ever seen: a soft-focus reverie in which George Martin’s character remembers his lost love, accompanied by images so trite they could have been ripped from the pages of a Mills & Boon romance.

I’m not dismissing it entirely, however - Gilbert Roland and Jack Elam are as solid as ever, with Elam dressed almost exactly like Frank in Once Upon a Time in the West (I’m not certain of the chronology of production, but Sonora was released in Italy before Leone’s film). The veteran actors are a counterweight to George Martin’s dull hero - he was far more effective as a villain than a leading man, in my opinion.

Yeah thats the version that everyone seems to have. There doesn’t seem to be any other versions that are readily available.

that’s probably why the Colonel said 'readily available’. As in… in English :wink:

does anybody know were to get a copy of this film.i got the cd wth "maybe some were,maybe some day. love that song, always wanted to see this one!!!

The most widely available copy is an Australian VHS rip so it might be difficult. Try forum trades or Ebay or something.

I like this one despite the truly awful flashback scenes which really don’t fit with the feel of the rest of the film. Martin, Roland and Elam are all on form and there is some good tension, action and interesting visuals. All unusual in an Alfonso Balcazar directed picture. Rosalba Neri’s part seemed illogically small though. She was well known enough by this time to have warranted much more screen time than we get. A shame. But on the whole a good value mid range spaghetti for my money.

It also features one of my favourite rocks from the Fraga region of Aragon. Maybe I should post a screenshot in the Rev’S ‘Favourite Rock’ thread.

Really wish this title would get a proper release.

Me too! It must have been realased in Germany, there’s a review of it in this Django/Sartana/Ringo book and he only sees films in German it seems like.

hmm i dunno, have only heard of this same version everyone seems to have

There’s no German release, sorry.


I have two versions of this one:

in Spanish / English subs, (Austalian Broadcast)
and one from Italian Broadcast, Fullscreen VGQ.



Is the Italian Broadcast version a lot better looking? I haven’t watched the Australian one in a while but it seems like it was pretty bad