Saddest scenes from the genre (spoilers)

Like the title says, which scenes from the Italian westerns really tug at your heart strings?

There are several for me:

A Pistol For Ringo- That scene at the very end when it shows the older gentleman (forgot his name) walking over to Nieves Navarro’s character’s body was very effective to me. I think it was just seeing that sad look on his face and the music really enhanced that moment.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly- Of course the scene where Blondie lets that dying soldier have a few puffs of his cigar before he dies.

The Great Silence- There were a lot in this movie, but I think for me the most emotional is when the mother of the young refugee who got shot down by Charlie begs Silence to go and kill him. The music again really enhanced this scene for me.

Companeros- Not too incredibly sad, but still when Professor Xantos gets shot down by John, the fact that he stood up to him with an unloaded gun just seemed so brave and made his death that much more powerful.

Once Upon a Time in the West- There were several in this film, so I’ll leave that open for discussion.

Duck You Sucker- Same as above.

There are so many that I can think of, but I’ll let wait until some more people give their input.

Garringo: The ending when PLL’s character gets brutally killed and also in the beginning when he sees his father get killed.

OUTIW: This aint a too sad movie for me but I guess Cheyenne’s death would be the most sad moment for me.

Shango: All the mexicans getting killed.

Some Dollars For Django: Frank Wolff’s death.

Shotgun: Always thought of this as a sad film, maybe because of the soundtrack.

Arriva Sabata: Eduardo Fajaro’s death.

The Challenge Of The Mackennas: The ending.

DYS: When Juan sees all the dead bodies of the Mexican’s

There are lots of others as well.

as it’s already been mentioned there are so many. i agree with Garringo, Once Upon A Time In The West, and there are others i’ll think of when i have more time but one straight off is “A Bullet For Sandoval”

When the deputy of Tequila Joe smashes one of his bottles of Tequila.

Yeah, it´s always sad to see alcohol wasted like that.

Tequila is too strong for me, I’ll stick to vodka.

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I love the sad ending of “The Great Silence”, probably because of the fantastic music. Another fantastic sad moment is Mortons death in OUATITW, where he tries to reach a slop in the last minutes of his life.

Dead Men Ride (when Jessica meets her father again)
Four of the Apocalypse (the whole end in the snow)
Boldest Job in the West (Fernando Sancho bedroom scene near the beginning with the prostitute)
Forgotten Pistolero (Peter Martel in the end)
Hills Run Red (Dan Duryeas hand gesture at the end)

The end of OUATITW and Duck You Sucker… also some scenes in California and Silver Saddle

I agree with Clint giving his cigar to the dying soldier.

The flashback in THE GREAT SILENCE

There are really only two SW scenes that made me feel “sad”.

  1. Giuliano Gemma discovers the girl being holed up at the end of California.

  2. When Lou Castel discovers the dead body of his sister in Requiescant Kill and Pray.

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