Sabata / Ehi amico … c’è Sabata, hai chiuso! (Gianfranco Parolini, 1969)

one click away from ordering it, would you say its worth buying? like, is it in the top 5 Lee flicks? cause it looks great but i wanna be sure

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DATABASE LINK: Ehi amico… c’è Sabata, hai chiuso! - The Spaghetti Western Database (

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are you talking about the new MGM dvds ?

yeah, this one

It’s in my Top 6 LvC Spaghettis for sure. Can’t really say if it’s among the first 5 or not. That changes all the time anyway. My LvC Top 6 in no particular order: FFDM, GBU, DAY OF ANGER, THE BIG GUNDOWN, DEATH RIDES A HORSE and SABATA. Haven’t seen THE GRAND DUEL though.

I’m sure you will love Grand Duel too… and Bacalov music it’s, in my opinion, one of the best sw scores

I’ve pre ordered both Sabatas and the new print of Death Rides A Horse whch I’m hoping will have some extras as I already have the Japanese version.

There’s no news on Adios Sabata (Indio Black) on the MGM website though. Franco Cleef said it’s coming soon after the other two. What worries me is that they’ll release a box set containing all three together after I’ve bought them separately. >:(

If the picture quality is better then it is well worth the money. The opening scene on both versions I own (1 is fullscreen) are very poor in terms of both picture and sound quality.

Regarding The Big Gundown, I adore that film. Yes there are problems but it more than makes up for those with the fabulous ending. Incidently, I went hunting for Cuchillos Rock from the final scene in Almeria last week in the Pechina area of Sierra de Alhamilla but I couldn’t find it ??? :’(. Any tips would be appreciated as I’m going to try again later in the year.

adios sabata MGM DVD is already in stores in Germany. the others (sabata, sabata returns, death rides a horse) should follow tomorrow (see DVD news on main site)

Does it (Adios Sabata) come with any extras? Could you post a link to it on here? Does it have English dubbing or sub titles? If it does then I’d be interested in buying it.

i think it doesnt even have a trailer. but i guess its the same that will come out in the UK. and it has multiple languages (german, english, french, spanish, all dolby 1.0 mono) has the wrong cover, but i’ve added the correct one to the database

Database link

finally caught the bastard on TV. really a nice movie. not that typical, more… i dont know… entertaining…
I think the film is really well made but not among my favorites at all…

I got both van cleef Sabata’s there worth the money. They have a good quality, No extra’s though.

Does anyone know if the Sabata Box Set being released in the US this month will have any extra’s?

most likely identical with the region 2 ones, so: no extras whatsoever (maybe trailers).

Just picked up the “Sabata” trilogy box set yesterday. It’s been many a year since I saw these films and I had forgotten how entertaining they were. No real extras on the DVD’s, just three fun films. I’m glad I got them.

Recently I saw “Sabata” on german television, and it was definetely fun. There were a lot of over-the-top things you don’t usually see in western-movies, some very cool gimmicks, like the shotgun hidden in a banjo, but then again I haven’t seen that many western-movies yet. There was always something going on, rarely a dull minute, although a little hard to follow, if you watch it the first time. Who’s with who against whom and why, you know. :wink: And the music was great.

For me I always liked my westerns plausibly realistic, straight up, no comedy, no acrobats, lol.

Sabata is more like the old Wild Wild West TV show, but there you were in the right frame of mind to watch it. I think the scene where he throws the coin into the nickelodion from across the room sets the tone immediately.

i am also not a fan of non-serious movies. but sabata is quite okay :slight_smile:

The best things in Sabata are:

  1. The camera work in the scene where Sabata stops the bank robbers with the rifle.
  2. Banjo. The role is very well written and William Berger manages to do great job. Actually better than LvC in this movie.

I haven’t seen the movie in years but remember staying up late many times as a teenager in the late seventies to watch it and Return of Sabata…always thought they were great! Like the James Bond LVC style in these flicks.
I see the triology is now being offered and was wondering what the quality was like…any input would be appreciated!