Run, Man, Run / Corri uomo corri (Sergio Sollima, 1968)

Patrick, the fella who did the new subtitles, just wrote on Instagram that the English dub will be included


Excellent news… if only i was able to preorder it… still nothing (which is weird, cause i was able to preorder the Big Gundown).

Awesome, should be the definitive release then :blush:

I’m sure you’ll be able to in the week prior to release. That’s been the case with me pre-ordering the recent Explosive releases.

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this isn’t an explosive media release :slight_smile:

But I recommend getting Eureka releases from their website, they ship without charge and so far rather reliably so

I think he means its the same with us preordering releases from abroad as an example.

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@QuickDraw is right. What I meant was I’ve been having trouble ordering the Explosive releases here to the UK until about a week prior to release. It doesn’t surprise me if other people outside the UK are having trouble getting UK products delivered to them. If it’s the same issue, I’m sure @Mad_Max will be able to order it in the end. If you can get it directly from Eureka though, I’d just do that to play it safe.

Looks like Amazon UK is just simply out of stock, can someone accessing the site from the UK corroborate this?

It’s Not out of stock … phew! LOL :rofl:

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it’s in stock - for pre order that is

No it’s not…it’s available for pre-order here. It’s exactly the same scenario as us trying to pre-order anything from Germany I think. Don’t know what the heck is the cause of it all though.


Yeah, I was the same with all the recent explosive ones, only able to preorder the week of release. Not that it is really an issue in the end though.

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No totally. I was a bit scared that with the four recent Explosive releases I might not be able to get the cover that I wanted (I was being paranoid and thinking the better of the two might sell out) but so far touch wood I’ve been able to get every one. I’m sure it’ll be the same for anybody else outside the UK.

Yeah, I know what you mean, but they all still seem to be available months after their initial release, so waiting has yet to be an issue.


Nice. Looks like the specs have been updated on the website to make that clear too.

Obviously it would be a great help to the SWDb if those ordering from Amazon were to click on our Link(s) before placing the pre-order:

This movie’s page in the SWDb has been upgraded to the new “SWDb 3.0” format. Please have a look and let us know if there’s something you can add (information, trivia, links, pictures, etc.)

damn, it’s stuck in Customs… I hope I still get it before the end of the month…

I have my advance press copies. DHL royally fucked me over good however, I am a raging ball of fire, what a bunch of cunts… anyways. Will now proceed with watching it and then reviewing it :slight_smile:

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You got slammed with cu$tom$ charge$?

no, that’s not up to DHL and there were no customs charges in the end (it’s two BD-Rs and a declared and proven value of 0 GBP) but DHL requiested proof of value etc to hand it in at customs for processing and that’s a service they now charge money for. I can understand it if there was no customs declaration on it, but I received it today and it was all properly declared so they’re being fuckwits. I will write to the customer protection agency about this. They’re milking folks right and left these days