Rolling Roadshow-Almeria

(Sebastian) #101

weird, is that in a limited space? we’ll be there at 3pm then :wink: with a box full of ice and cerveza

(juanbrevas) #102

Is a very protected zone of the natural park.
Then can’t admit a lot of people and cars, etc…

(Phil H) #103

[quote=“juanbrevas, post:100, topic:1018”]last news …
the last proyection of “the good the bad and the ugly” in CORTIJO LOS FRAILES, is limited to 150 persons … then U must to come very soon at that screening.
The show start at 21.00 hours.[/quote]

Luckily we are staying pretty close so we should be fine but thanks for the heads up amigo.

(Sebastian) #104

i’m a bit worried about the aftershow parties. even though we live in the same hotel, it might still be full pretty quick. i think whatever we do, we should get there early. every time :wink:

(Chris_Casey) #105

The Cortijo los Frailes is in major disrepair—still a beautiful and recognizable location, but its condition is shaky. I perfectly understand why they wouldn’t allow very many people to that showing. To be honest, I am surprised they are actually doing the showing there! It can be pretty dangerous (a wall simply came crashing down the last time I was there…in 2005).

If they are holding the after parties at Hostel Alba in Los Albaricoques…it won’t take long for the place to fill up!!
It isn’t all that big…unless Senor Manuel has been able to expand since 2005.

Ahh…I really wish I was going to be there with you, companeros!!

But, I think we are all going to have fun in our respective places!!!

Vaya con Dios—otra vez!!

(ENNIOO) #106

I hope everyone who is going has a great time :), and have a beer(s) for me of course!

(Phil H) #107

Guaranteed mate. :slight_smile:

(AceHigh) #108

This is a little late as I’m sure the crew has already set sail but, you boys have a good time and get back safely!

(juanbrevas) #109

First pictures about yesterday

(Tigrero) #110

The Boys Are Back In Town !!!

(Sebastian) #111

greetings from madrid airport. i will upload some cellphone pics later tonight.

(Søren) #112

Hope you all had a good time…

(Tigrero) #113

Yes thanks…great weekend.

Will try to sort out some pics soon. Never posted any before and there is a max file size…anybody know what it is?

(Søren) #114

Use an external image hosting site like and just link the images in… Much easier and I won’t have to click on the pictures to get them shown.

(juanbrevas) #115

People can upload pictures, in a account on

Username: leoneroadshow
password: dollars

Thank you to come to Almeria. A very interesting weekend.

(Bluntwolf) #116

Welcome back guys !!! Hope y’all had a great time !?? :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #117

yeah it was fantastic, and it was great meeting you there, juan

(Tigrero) #118

Cheers. I will look into it…not much good at computers myself.

(Phil H) #119

Here’s a little shot to be getting on with.

From left to right: Sebastian, Tigero, Phil H, Yodlaf Peterson, Reverend Danite.

The Spaghetti Western Database mob enjoying the beauty of the Tabernas badlands, Almeria 2008.

(Sebastian) #120

I will set up a few sub pages on our roadshow coverage page (see Main Page), and we can put up a selection of our pictures, and then put up links to Tim’s Flickr pages etc