Rolling Roadshow-Almeria

(Yodlaf Peterson) #81

I’m getting excited!!!

(Bad Lieutenant) #82

I wish you guys a good time there!

(Sebastian) #83

if we survive the moskito bites, we’ll return with a fistful of great stories to tell :wink:

(Tigrero) #84

Put it away and have a cold shower…and I think the thread you are looking for is the nudity in SWs one.

No but seriously…so am I.

(juanbrevas) #85

bad news

Quentin Tarantino, previously scheduled to be in attendance has cancelled and will not be introducing the shows. He has cleared all appearances to begin preproduction on his new feature, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. The films will be introduced by regional Leone experts.

(Sebastian) #86

that is bad news indeed ;-(

(Tigrero) #87

Shoddy behaviour…M***er F***er!!!

(Reverend Danite) #88

Reckon he got round to reading this and got scared off.
Ne’er mind tho’ ‘scept sad for you Seb with all the QT website-y stuff you do, but I reckon Brother Phil’s sentiments will see us ok …
Personally, the other stuff is what I’m really goin’ for - so let’s look on the bright side.
Wha’doo-we got?
*3 top films
*5 top blokes (minimum)
*a bar
*a bar
another bar (probably)
involvement in the making of Almerian Dirt 5: Beach Whores and The Magnificent Five (shhh ;))
and personally - I’ve got my new bikini to wear ;D
I’ll get over the fact that I won’t be ‘spotted’ to play the lead in QT’s next (but one) project …
… M
er Fucker!!!

(Chris_Casey) #89

Bad news about QT not going to be there; because, Senor Manuel at the Hostel Alba has one of my CD’s he was supposed to give to him!!!
This is the third attempt to get my music in front of Tarantino (one attempt by Tom Savini, another attempt by Tura Satana, and now this one).
The only music of mine that I am pretty sure that Tarantino has heard is the stuff I did with the surf-rock group, Kyodai. A buddy of mine in Texas apparently played this stuff for QT and he liked it. But, who knows?
Oh well…another chance blown!!

Yes, there is quite a collection of Spaghetti Western memorabilia at the Alba, amigos!
Much of it was donated by yours truly, Prof. Mario Marsili, and others of the Spaghetti Western fan community.


(Sebastian) #90

we’ll do our best :wink:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #91

Shit, oh well.

It would have been nice to meet him but if he was there or not made no difference in wanting to go or not.

I thought it over for many nights to go on this trip but i’m more excited about what we are actually going there to do:)

(Yodlaf Peterson) #92

See y’all tomorrow :slight_smile:

(scherpschutter) #93

Guys, have the time of your life (with or without the wife) !

Hasta la vista (but don’t make no) baby!

(Tigrero) #94

Yep…see you tomorrow guys.

Don’t worry…I will wear a condom…He He!

(Phil H) #95

I’ve changed my mind.
I’ve decided to go see Sex and the City with my wife instead.
NOT!!! ;D

(Sebastian) #96

oh you wouldn’t dare! :wink:

(Chris_Casey) #97

Like I said before…you guys have FUN!!
Can’t wait to hear the reports!

I, along with Tom Betts, will be giving a tour of Tombstone and the surrounding territory for some compadres from the UK. Then, I will be heading out to California, with Tom and the gang, for the Donald S. Bruce Memorial at Rancho Bruce.

So, I reckon there won’t be too many of us around the forum for the next week or so…what with the Roadshow in Almeria and all.

Hasta luego y vaya con Dios!

(Sebastian) #98

vaya con dios, tambien, amigo.

i have great memories of tombstone, although i found it overly toursticised, and the “famous” reenactment is over in a few seconds, but still, nice place :wink:

(Sebastian) #99

there’s a picture of me up on the staff page, and I’ll be with my main compadres here, but I will also wear a white/bright brown creditcard-size badge on my chest, in case someone shows up there and wants to reunite with our posse to chug a few beers.

cheerio, I’m packing

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(juanbrevas) #100

last news …
the last proyection of “the good the bad and the ugly” in CORTIJO LOS FRAILES, is limited to 150 persons … then U must to come very soon at that screening.
The show start at 21.00 hours.