RIP--Giulio Petroni!

Sadly this is no hoax, amigos y amigas!

The maestro, Giulio Petroni has passed away at the age of 92 (some sources say 89) in Rome.

The Italian obituary doesn’t even mention his work in the Westerns.

RIP to one of the greats!

Just found another Italian obituary that does mention DEATH RIDES A HORSE and A SKY FULL OF STARS…

Italian film director, screenwriter Giulio Petroni who was responsible for DEATH RIDES A HORSE, TEPEPA, A SKY FULL OF STARS FOR A ROOF, THE NIGHT OF THE SERPENT and THEY CALL ME PROVIDENCE died in Rome January 31st. He was 92. One of the most famous directors of the Spaghetti Western era has passed. RIP!

Shit - korano’s gonna be upset - he’s even got “viva Petroni” as his tag. Rest in peace fellah.

Yeah, I immediately thought of our compadre korano when I first heard this news.


May he rest in peace

[size=24pt]VIVA PETRONI[/size]

:’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

Sad news…RIP. Still have two westerns he directed to view.

God this is awful news. And its not a prank this time. Its really true. I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of his other work but Death Rides a Horse is one of my favorite all time films in any genre.

Rest in peace Amigo. Hope they have saved a nice stool for you in the great big saloon in the sky.

Night of the Serpent is my favorite - I shall watch it tomorrow/today in homage. And raise a glass every time Luke does… :o
(I like the change to ya tag Korano)

Italian director Giulio Petroni who wrote and directed DEATH RIDES A HORSE, TEPEPA, and NIGHT OF THE SERPENT died January 31 in Rome. He was 91. A complete obituary is posted at Cemetery With Crosses. RIP :’(

Hell, I’ll not only watch Night of the serpent, but also Death Rides a Horse

Already a thread but a director such as this does indeed deserve 2 threads! :’( :’(

DEATH RIDES A HORSE, NIGHT OF THE SERPENT, and TEPEPA, are all excellent examples of our beloved genre and are all perfect candidates for re-watching in memory of il maestro Petroni!

And Why not through in A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof? However, Life is Tough,Eh Providence hardlyu seem appropriate for this occasion

If I’m drinking with Luke in NOTS - I may not have another film in me … :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

You’ll do as you’re told, damnit!

Well…the only thing I like about A SKY FULL OF STARS FOR A ROOF is the opening sequence.
No comment.

I’ll watch the opening scene of A SKY FULL OF STARS…, though, just for my companero korano!

Viva Petroni!!

[quote=“Chris_Casey, post:17, topic:2216”]I’ll watch the opening scene of A SKY FULL OF STARS…, though, just for my companero korano!

Viva Petroni!![/quote]Damn right you will! >:( :wink:

And yes, Viva Petroni!

Amazing how few films he actually directed but as my amigo Chris said DEATH RIDES A HORSE, TEPEPA and NIGHT OF THE SERPENT are excellent and SKY FULL OF STARS FOR A ROOF has one of the best opening scenes of the genre. Gemma’s expressions and Alessandroni’s whistling fill you with emotion from the get go. Viva Petroni!

For Tepepa alone Petroni earned his place amongst the greats of our genre but his other works were also of the highest calibre.
RIP Maestro.