RIP--Giulio Petroni!

RIP Petroni. And thanks to the man for delivering a string of the better movies in the genre. The obvious candidates have been mentioned a lot above but Life Is Tough, Eh Providence? is actually on of the very best entries in the spaghetti western comedy genre and if I should choose a Petroni western to view today it would certainly be that. Shows the man had humour which is always a nice trait.

R.I.P. Giulio

imdb says he was born in 1920 though?

RIP. This is indeed sad news. Long may he live on through his film work!

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:22, topic:2216”]R.I.P. Giulio

imdb says he was born in 1920 though?[/quote]

They are probably wrong, once again.
However, the Italian press couldn’t get his age right, either.
Various obituaries have given his age at the time of death to be 89, 91, and 92. The latter age was listed more frequently than the others, so that is what I decided to go with.

RIP Mr. Petroni. Thanks for the art.

[quote=“Chris_Casey, post:24, topic:2216”]They are probably wrong, once again.[/quote]it wouldn’t surprise me Chris

Man, this is a loss. Really sad.

Buon Viaggio :’(

TEPEPA & DA UOMO A UOMO are two of my favorite SW.

Sad news, RIP Gulio :’(. Viva Petroni!

RIP Signor Petroni

To me his best films were probably Tepepa & Sky full of Stars


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