Ringo the Lone Rider / Dos hombres van a morir (Rafael Romero Marchent, 1968) II

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Again, couldn’t find an appropriate thread…

A bank is robbed and a town terrorised by a gang who subsequently elude capture. The town “elders” decide the answer to the problem is to hire a Pinkerton agent. Two strangers arrive, both with an interest in the gang. Pierro Lulli, who seems to be the agent, is actually a bounty hunter and Peter Martell seems to be only interested in one member of the gang, the reason for which is revealed in an unsurprising moment at the end of the film. In fact, it’s revealed in one of the alternative titles for the film!

Despite having watched this pretty recently, I can’t actually remember that much of it! It’s not that it was a bad film, though it didn’t stand out either. The part i remember most is where the bandits murder a group of mormons who are travelling to a ranch they have purchased, then dress as them and take up residence, leading to a scene of them having a drunken, comedy brawl with the bemused/disgusted townspeople. As said, not a bad film, but it just didn’t really stick in my mind for some reason.

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Wow. that is an old thread. No one has been there in nearly three years!

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Oops…sorry about that…i checked again and again but still didn’t notice it! >:(

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[quote=“Silver, post:4, topic:1436”]Oops…sorry about that…i checked again and again but still didn’t notice it! >:([/quote]funny thing is that we both said basically same thing about this film.

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So i see! LOL! I think the reason i missed the thread is that i wasn’t aware of this alternative (or is it the original?) title!

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Piero Lulli’s dubbing is atrocious but the gotcha surprise ending actually was kind of an effective “gotcha” surprise.

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Average spaghetti. I thought it was a little ridiculous that the bandits went out of their way to disguise themselves as Mormons and then went into a bar, completely blowing their cover.

I liked the music, recognized a few bits from Red Dead Revolver. :slight_smile: