Ringo, the Face of Revenge / Ringo, il volto della vendetta / Los cuatro salvajes (Mario Caiano, 1966)


standard film with lots of wasted potential. great characters.

SPOILER ****************
I think it’s funny how they leave Tim’s horse tied to a tree so it will die of starvation. Cruel motherfuckers

Yes, pretty standard stuff but just scrapes a 3 star rating for me. Nice to see Fajardo in a more sympathetic role. In fact his was the stand out performance in this one I think. Wolff could have been used better certainly but it was also nice to see Steffen smile for once and play a more jovial sort than usual.

Caiano is a capable director but you’ll rarely get anything exceptional from him. So, a decent, middle of the road italian oater in general in my opinion. And in comparison to some of the dross I’ve been watching lately (Adios Companeros, Sartana in the Valley of Death, Acquasanta Joe etc) it’s a relative masterpiece.

i think caiano was hopelessly overchallenged with this one. i had a hard time getting where he was getting at. is it a heist movie? a chase movie? a buddy comedy? a Rio Bravo spin-off? It had so many elements and sort of meandered a lot of the way… .but the potential was there since the acting was really good in most parts, and then there was even a love relationship, a showdown on top of one of the Ramblas we visited, etc… missed opportunities

We had talked about Ringo, Face of Revenge a few days ago in another thread.

The 1st entertaining half establishes Steffen in a self ironic way similar to Train to Durango.

But in the 2nd half the film turns into a straight and unfortunately disappointing typical, much too typical SW.

It isn’t a bad film but I just found it extremely boring… too bad it was the first x-rated kult release I watched, i’ve really like all their other releases (though the picture looked great on this)… big improvement with Train for Durango made a year later imo.

Typical 3 Stars Movie for me. Solid and somehow entertaining. The X-Rated DVD was pretty good. :slight_smile:

I watched this one a couple of days ago with my girl (she fell asleep, but this doesn’t matter, she often does).

As Paco said, solid entertainment.

I especially liked the German dubbing. No, this time it’s not the usual nonsense fun-dub, but it’s still unbelievable!

It maybe is the cheapest dubbing ever made.

First of all it uses like two or three speakers. Two for the men and one for the women. I think it is like that, because all the voices more or less sound the same.

Then there are the sounds and noises. I assume they’re the product of an onld-school sound maker, who carries all he needs for his job in an old suitcase (I know this profession from German kid’s TV). You don’t even have to listen carwefully to identify the old sound man, because there are so few noises. Only one or two main sounds can be heard, the rest is silence.

Of course, because of all that, there is hardly any music in the movie. This would have been far too complicated. You can only hear music when no-one is talking - in some riding scenes. When the spoken word is about to come, the music fades out and the sterile dub-sound enters the stage.

For me this was highly entertaining!!!

Ergo, I can highly recommend this flick in the German dubbing!!!

Then there are the sounds and noises. I assume they're the product of an onld-school sound maker, who carries all he needs for his job in an old suitcase

You gotta admire the people doing the dubbing though. German syncing is usually perfect, and then the sound-effects they have to add sometimes… If just two or three people do all the dubbing, it’s even more of an accomplishment. I think I saw this movie in German and didn’t really notice. But German isn’t my mothertongue, even though I speak it rather well.

Many spaghetti dubs have that typical soundstage feel, with hollow horse stepping and gunshot sounds. Just a little too much reverb.

Just watched this one yesterday myself

RINGO; FACE OF REVENGE - Mario Caiano (1967)

A solid, middle of the road SW made enjoyable by good performances. Steffen is good as the opportunistic pistolero Ringo. Frank Wolff is fun as the smarmy huckster always looking to cut another deal and stir up trouble. But for my money, Eduardo Fajardo walks away with this film as Ringo’s sidekick Tim.

Not a whole lotta revenege, but for the price of admission you do get two angry mobs. One with torches and one with pitchforks chasing a ‘witch’. All in all, good SW fun. And the X-Rated disc has trailers for this film plus five other SW’s.

Fun Factor - 5/10

I agree. This is a superb role for Fajardo. I think he’s one of the greatest sidekicks ever seen. The only thing I don’t like about his role is his death. A bit unworthy for him.

I hadn’t really thought about it, but he might possibly be the greatest sidekick ever. Definitely agree his death was a bit ignominous, but at the end of the day, it is aSW.:))

The death is too melodramatic for me.

Hmmm, didn’t really notice that. I’ll need to re-watch his death now.

Did he actually play a good guy in another SW ?

I can’t think of any other…

Well[quote=“LankyFellow, post:14, topic:1199”]Did he actually play a good guy in another SW ?[/quote]

Well he did play a good bandit in El Bandido Malpelo, against the Mexican dictatorship. As the lead, no less (or co-star at least).

Fajardo played an honest rancher in Killer Adios.

Unfortunately haven’t seen that one.

I watched this one last night.

I’ve never seen Anthony Steffen so animated! I was quite shocked! :o
Eduardo Fajardo was good in a rare non-villainous role.
What irritated me a little was their characters ignoring two golden opportunities to kill off Frank Wolff’s character & therefore save themselves a lot of hassle. Also, the film went a bit downhill after the introduction of a love interest.

Not great, but quite entertaining.

This one I watch yesterday thanks to CG. The cast is great and the movie it’s quite entertaining, nevertheless the role of Fajardo seems spoiled in the English dub (what an annoying voice).