Ringo, It’s Massacre Time / Giunse Ringo e … fu tempo di massacro (Mario Pinzauti, 1970)

This obscure Spagh by Mario Pinzauti was just viewed.

It’s fairly known that Mickey Hargitay was replaced by Jean Louis so the film doesn’t make much sense but it’s quite entertaining. It’s basically a Horror Spaghetti Western that feels like a Spaghetti Western except for that it has clear horror tones, voodoo dolls, poisonings etc. and the most horrific Spagh I’ve seen. Django The Bastard, Vengeance and those films have gothic and horror tones but they’re not supernatural and if they are, it’s not for sure. In this one, on the other hand, it is.

For Die-Hard fans only and like Bluntwolf said sometime: Don’t expect anything and you’ll get a little something.

Words to live by. :wink:

Indeed ;D.


Good film imo, I liked the horror/giallo influences. Which version did you saw silence? I’ve only seen it in bad quality with constant “not for sale” text burned to the picure.

btw, I really like that poster. One of the most beautiful movie poster I’ve seen.

Yep, that’s exactly the one I watched as well .

For this film, a DVD was announced in 2007 by the French company Seven7. Remastered and in good quality.
Unfortunately, this DVD was never released.

That’s too bad! This film could’ve used a remaster.

I second that !

can be ordered from Australia: http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/819225

Screenshots from the Japanese fan Alleluja:

[quote=“The Stranger, post:6, topic:2285”]For this film, a DVD was announced in 2007 by the French company Seven7. Remastered and in good quality.
Unfortunately, this DVD was never released.


Why? What happened?

Can’t believe the positive words said about this one above. It’s a car crash of a movie taped together from odd footage with a flimsy plot, poor dialogue, slack directing and awful editing. Genuinely a new entry into my bottom 20.

So they started with Hargitay and he apparently left for America due to personal problems (Giusti explains it in the Dizionario but my Italian is not good enough to be sure of the details) and they replace him with Jean Louis. That’s OK but to use footage of both actors doing the same scenes with different dubbing in order to shoe horn Hargitay’s appearance in is cheapness of the highest order and actually makes even less sense of a plot which is, to say the least, pretty thin anyway.

I also don’t buy the horror / giallo influences thing. There’s a murder mystery but the voodoo doll element hardly qualifies it as horror and its 1966 production date makes it too early really to be influenced by giallos. There is also nothing scary or suspenseful in it that I noticed. What kept me watching was a kind of fascination as to just how it had been pieced together. The final answer was, pretty poorly.

Finally, and merely as a footnote, the DB has Peter Martell credited as appearing in this one (as does Giusti’s book) but I saw no sign of him. Did I miss something or am I right in thinking this is just an error?

Men I felt the same way, this one seems to me to be on the same level of the worst Fidani’s and Crea’s.

I really don’t see any positive things in it, maybe the US English dub that make it sound like one of those 70’s exploitations flicks, I was always expecting for Uschi Digard to appear somewhere in the film, I wished.

The end with the guys throwing their weapons to the ground just made me laught.

I don’t have (still) a bottom 20, but if I had this one would go straight there.

So, if no one remembers seeing Martell in this by tomorrow I’m deleting his name from the credits on this in the DB.

Like the title and opening theme music. Irritating voice over for a while, which thankfully goes. Spotted No Peter Martell. Best character was a hard drinking doctor, who likes to smoke heavy cigars when cleaning a wound :stuck_out_tongue: . Another character comes in the film later on, who eveyone was bonding with straight away, and I just thought he was nosey sod. One of those where you know all the story comes together ( well in a fashion ) at the end of the film, but the story in this is a bit hokey to this average one.

Just received the Australian dvd, but it says it´s only 73 minutes .

What´s the runtime of the other version(s)?

My english VHS rip runs 73 minutes, too !

Thanks! I did some Googling and found an Italian website saying it´s 80 minutes. But it´s hard to verify of course. There is however a super 8 version apparently.

I think the Australan DVD and the English VHS Version are both uncut !

Just watched it. Very cheap film, incompetently shot. But also pretty weird for a western.
Not good, but I have a soft spot for such stuff.