Return of the Seven / Return of the Magnificent Seven (Burt Kennedy, 1966)

The first sequel to the Magnificent Seven. But only Yul Brynner returns. He is to free hundreds of villagers from the grips of Emilio Fernandez who has taken them hostage. He forms a new Magnificent Seven, which features Claude Akins and Warren Oates to name a few, to free the hostages then defend them from the attacks of the large gang Fernandez controls. Filmed in Spain. Starring Yul Brynner, Claude Akins, and Warren Oates. Directed by Burt Kennedy

Disappointing sequel, lots of cliches, weak action directing. Average.

I’m also not a great admirer of the original Mag 7. Sturges has made half a dozen better westerns.

I remember there is a lot of shooting, Yul Brynner is back (but no Steve McQueen >:( ),no story and the guy who played Mapache (Emilio Fernández) in The Wild Bunch is in it.

for me this was the least of the sequels. only fair, the first is good, guns of the magnificent seven and the magnificent seven ride are ok

This movie had the appearance of a rushed production, IMO. There’s even a shot where the film crew can be seen silhouetted against a wall when the seven ride up together. I thought the third film was the best of the sequels and it appeared to have had a bit more money lavished on it compared with part two.

I’m surrprised that this is classed as a Eurowestern. It seems pretty American to me.

Anyhow, I actually think it’s the best of the squels as it at least has Yul Brynner in it. The Magnificent Seven Ride! was the worst despite Lee Van Cleef starring.

That’s cause it is not really an Eurowestern. It’s an US western shot in Spain. The fact that it was a Spanish co-production does make it an Eurowestern, but only by name.

Feels US, is US.

And I don’t like it. Kennedy was not a good action director, and it shows. The dialogues are often a horrible stream of cliches, and I think the actors have all done better in other westerns.

For me it’s the weakest of the sequels. But I’m not a great fan of Mag 7 too.

I have not seen it for a long time, so if I viewed it now (which won’t happen as I have no desire to revisit The Magnificent Seven squels), I mght agree with you. I always liked The Guns of the Magnificent Seven, however.

How is it supposed to be a sequel when three of the seven died in the original?

Well, Yul Brynner gets together seven new people to free these innocent hostarges.

I actually enjoy RETURN OF THE SEVEN–even if it is painfully inferior to the film it is a sequel to.
I like the Spanish locations and I like seeing Emiliano Fernandez, Warren Oates, and my buddy Robert Fuller in action. I also like the flamenco dancer! :wink:
The film also holds some sentimental value as it was one I recall watching and enjoying with my Grandfather before he passed away, a very long time ago.


But, I do NOT like THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RIDE, at all! Even the revered Lee Van Cleef can’t save that turkey!!

The same innocent hostarges?

By the way, four of them died I noticed!

It was indeed a stinker, and so bad that I can hardley remember anything about it.

Not the greatest of films, but not a turkey either (it was actually shot in Spain):


i remeber buy this before two years, the acting was soo poor!!
so the action also, one of my worst american western!
i loved MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RIDE 1972 with luke askew and lee van cleef and it’s a billion times better than this crap!!!
i give rytern of the magnificent seven another 0 out of 5 and i’am happy for that rating!!! 8)

It’s a bore for most of the runtime.

The review is far more entertaining …

Not viewed any of the Magnificent Seven films in years. Expecting the sequels to be as good as the first and obviously not. Sort of made me forget how the first one is not a bad film.

I’ve only see the original. I was going to get a U.K. box set of all of them together but at least one (can’t remember which) was cut by the BBFC so I didn’t bother.

Wise move. Sort of glad not many Spaghetti westerns have not had dvd releases in the U.K as they would be most likely be cut by the BBFC.