Return of Halleluja / Il West ti va stretto, amico … è arrivato Alleluja (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1972)…_è_arrivato_Alleluja%2C_Il

I have to admit that i found this nonsensical movie to be quite enjoyable. It’s well directed, has a nice cast and good musical score. It usually gets bashed but I liked it slightly more than “His name was Holy Ghost” which usually gets praised. Sure, Garko is better than Hilton, but i thought more of those stupid jokes worked in “Return of Halleluja” [the one in the beginning involving whip was especially creative ;D).

Oops 7/10 is quite a surprising lot.

I like the 1st Halleluja, in which the sillyness is better balanced, whereas in the 2nd it takes over, but a “masterwork” compared to the Tresette films.

And I surely like Stelvio Cipriani’s scores for both (my favourite SW composer whose name is not Morricone)

It was well made and kept me entertained, so why not, I tend to be generous when it comes to rating SWs.
Shobary rated it 67%, so i think it’s more or less the same rating. :wink:

A man after my own heart :smiley: He’s an amazing composer most of the time.

Rewatched the 2nd Halleluja.

Why? Mainly because I like the music so much.

The sequel is in every respect only half as good as They Call Me H. , but Carnimeo had improved his style since his Sartana films, and it’s mostly fun to watch.
So it’s not bad, silly of course, and could be better if it weren’t infected by the comedy virus. There are only a few lethal shootouts left here, so most of the confrontations are only resulting in slapstick fistfights, which are a bit boring. But some of the fast motion scenes are quite pleasant to watch.

Carnimeo’s “Mexico” is much greener than in the usual Mex SW, due to the fact that he shot it completely in Italy, probably only out of budget limitations.

So, well … all in all somehow watchable.

4/10 which still means 3 stars in the above poll.

Does anyone know where I can get a DVD-R of this?

Harmless but uninspired throughout for me. Not as offensive as many other ‘comedy’ spaghettis but not as entertaining as the first Allelujah flick either. Also looks decidedly cheaper. So, not terrible but I couldn’t go so far as to actually recommend it either.

Few to many silly fist fights in this one is the first thing that springs to mind. Some nice gadget touches though. Good example of a simple story padded out to the maximum. Hilton did not have much screen time at times though, and film was the worse for it. Not a demanding film, so one to put on when you do not want to think very much. Not as stylish or good a story as the first film though.

Yeah, sillier, more lighthearted and less intense than the first one. I guess it’s a must-see for the fans of the first film, but don’t expect much.

Yeah, thought it was ok … I wish the whole film was more like the opening scene though, that was an great moment when he stuck that rocket on the end of his handgun.