Requiescant/Kill and Pray DVDs

I was looking at listings for the Italian DVD of REQUIESCANT and the Wild East DVD of KILL AND PRAY. I know that KILL AND PRAY has English audio but it is listed as 1.66:1 flat letterbox. REQUIESCANT is 1.85:1 anamorphic. Which one is cropped?

I’m not sure that these figures mean much to me sober - not a lot of chance now.
There are more knowlegababble people about who’ll answer you on this quieerary :stuck_out_tongue: better … but may I be the firsshht to welcome you to this forum? God bless ya!
Great film tho’ … I’m absolutely all for pistols for preachers (yet strangely not for ‘Pistol Packing Preachers’).

Thanks. The only Spaghetti Westerns I’ve got are the one’s available in the US (Anchor Bay set, the Blue Underground set, some of the VCI releases, the Leone anthology - though I had the non-anamorphic MGM releases before that) and the German restoration of the first two DOLLARS films so I’m only just getting into the less mainstream ones and this one’s got Mark Damon, Lou Castel, and Pier Paolo Pasolini in it so it seems appealing (I only caught part of it a long time ago - on tape I think).

This is why I dont really understand all the number-y stuff - I’m so used to 4th generation pan n scan (but so grateful for those that take the effort to restore these) that with some of the more obscure films there seems to be only a 30 year old vhs with greek subs in p’n’s that exists. It’s not necessarily a pleasant experience but … needs must.

This is why I dont really understand all the number-y stuff

True but when you have a choice… In this case, KILL AND PRAY is the English friendly version. I do like to see a film in its original aspect ratio, though.

the wild east dvd won’t knock you off your socks, that’s for sure…

I have the 1993 Activ VHS release thats been ripped to dvd-r. It’s 102 minutes.

Anybody know what the exact run time of the Wildeast and italian DVD versions are?

I know the wild east is listed as 114 min. but that seems a little bit long and stanton as well as the DVD savant review said it was 106 and 102 min. respectively.

I just want to know if my copy is cut.


The Wild East DVD: 1:41:57 in Pal.

Corresponding to about 106 min for cinema, which is believed to be uncut, or at least the longest version available.

Thanks Stanton. So I guess the 114 minutes run time is incorrect. My 102 minute version must be uncut then since it is also PAL.

The film itself seems kinda Choppy. That is why I suspected it was cut.

Hello there

since the Wild East is out of Print I am looking for other Versions of the movie.
Is the Brazilian Version good? What is the original aspect ratio of the movie?
Does the Brazilian Version have the original aspect ratio and is it uncut? Are there any (upcoming) alternatives?


Welcome Brother elSanto - just popping in here to say hello. I can’t really answer any of your questions regarding the film. I have a vid the Aktiv vid (102 mins it says) which is probably not very good quality, and (I think) an Spo dvd rip (which is probably very good). Needs a rewatch methinks - good film!

Of course - I’m talking bollocks again - Wild East - not spo (is there one?), runs in at 1.41.57.

The Wild East is the best so far, but far from good. It’s uncut and in the correct aspect ratio with pale colors and in good VHS quality.

Obviously its OOP :frowning:

Hi elSanto, sorry that nobody was able to provide you with a proper answer. I have no idea as to the quality of the Brazilian release but I think the best bet would be to try to get a used copy of the wild east disc, or maybe even a burnt copy.

@ elSanto

I’ve got only one Ocean release but as far as I know they’re often avoidable bad transfers. I suggest you ask Euro Western no Brasil blog owner:

approx. EUR 109,49 thats a fuckin bargin, do they wanna bullshittin’ me?
By the way, I have some OOP’s on my own. Feel free to look it up in my list (signature).

Out end of September.

looks like koch media

Is this really the final cover? If really so it’s the f***ng worst dvd cover ever!