Red Sun / Soleil rouge / Sole rosso (Terence Young, 1971)

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This is a pretty good eurowestern, made by the former James Bond director Terence Young.

It has a well-known international cast, and some fun samurai action!

Not bad, a little slow-paced, and director Young is maybe not suited to westerns, but the film is worth a look nevertheless!


hmm, long time since I watched it but I remember it being ok. Best thing in the movie is it’s brilliant cast: Charles Bronson, Ursula Andress, Toshiro Mifune and Alain Delon in the same film. Awesome!

Andress had some nude scenes too, if I remember correctly… :wink:

I love the Kurasawa/Mifune Samurai films, so Soleil Rouge is a perfect link between them and my SW’s. Pity I’ve only got a crappy fullscreen version, but I heard a rumour that it was filmed in this aspect ratio. Can anyone confirm this?

I watched this film again last night, music was pretty boring, but other than that it’s an ok western.

Toshiro Mifune is the best part of the film I think, without him it wouldn´t be anything special at all, even if the rest of the cast is good too.

Andress shows her naked breasts very briefly, a second or so :wink:

i can’t confirm it but it wouldn’t surprise me, every release i’ve come across, DVD or VHS has always been full screen, i wasn’t that impressed with the film anyhow, the reason i watched it in the first place was that Luc Merenda was in it!

Watched it last night. Besides the great cast, with Mifune and Delon as out-of-place highlights, and a couple of nice jokes there really isn’t much to it, and a bit of a disappointment. But since I watched it after having just seen the dreary muck that is Flags Of Our Fathers, it seemed allright.

I have this film… Average !
Does anybody has the dvd cover for it ?


Yes, I have that one on DVD. UK version titled RED SUN.

I have the polish DVD but it would take some time to scan it because i don’t have a scanner myself.

Never thought of Red Sun as a SW. This is an Euro Western and clearly to seperate from a SW, because the style is different.

And Terence Young is surely no great Western craftsman. More a pedestrian one.

Red Sun was an Italian/ French/ Spanish co production so with that Italian production content it must qualify as a spaghetti by the criteria I understand for this database.

However, I get your point. It does not have an overt Spaghetti feel about it. I still like it though. And it did spawn a whole lot of imitations right up to Shanghai Noon. So you have to say it was quite influential too.

There are alot of things in this film that remind me of a spaghetti; international style of cast, quite a few mean style killings in, Charles Bronson is on ultra laid back style here (which does remind me of the kind of attitude of some spaghetti characters) and I think the music has a spaghetti feel to it.

It may not be a spaghetti or an american western, but like alot of spaghetti westerns it is a co -production which has been pointed out already I know.
Some people call it a euro western, some people say it is not this and that.

Alot of debate, but it is still a western, and quite a good one.

On IMDB it says this:

Film negative format (mm/video inches)
35 mm (horizontal)

Cinematographic process

Printed film format
35 mm

Aspect ratio
1.85 : 1

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The versions thrown on dvd are Open Matte so you actually get the whole picture + more :slight_smile: Make your own black bars and paste on your tv or zoom in and voila you got the 1.85 aspect ratio with nothing gone.

RED SUN 1971 ALAIN DELON CHARLES BRONSON Ursula Andress Toshiro Mifune

Director : Terence Young

This is one of the memorable all star cast international SW masterpieces with a top notch
director in Terence Young.

The teaming of Alain Delon and Charles Bronson is one the screen’s all time greatest and
they already worked together in the excellent buddy thriller FAREWELL FRIEND 1970
where the delicious leading lady was OLGA GEORGES-PICOT :-* :-* :-*

My Vote for RED SUN is 17.2 out of 20 . :smiley:

ALAIN DELON appeared in RED SUN 1971 and Texas Across The River 1966

He is a magnificent screen legend and excellent in Westerns also. A Tribute to Alain soon :smiley:

A spaghetti western that is one of the VERY few that American critics have said good things about. Officially but not actually, the first East meets West western. A Stranger in Japan hadn’t been released yet. Starring Charles Bronson, Toshiro Mifune, and Ursella Andress.

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I didn’t check for foreign language title is why I missed it becauseI checked earlier. Damn.

No problem.
These multi title things can be very confusing when you are looking for something. I only knew because I remember it coming up before.