Red Blood, Yellow Gold / Professionisti per un massacro (Nando Cicero, 1967)

I just watched this one on the WE label, Its another film that uses the “Dirty dozen” scheme.
3 crooks in uniform (George Hilton, George Martin and Edd Byrnes) are facing the firing squad when they suddenly are saved by their commanding officer who has other plans for them.
He offers them amnesty if they undertake a dangerous mission in which they have to retrieve a load of stolen gold.
This spin on the “Dirty dozen” is far from the best I have seen though, and its not nearly as good as the average “a reason to live, a reason to die”

Its not outright bad though, 2/5 stars from me.

For more info visit the Database page: Professionisti per un massacro - The Spaghetti Western Database (

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I´m not very fond of this one either. Was some years since i saw it but remember it as one of the somehow more uncharming spaghettis i´ve seen, can´t really remember what put me off about it though… so 2 stars from me as well.

Didn’t like this one. The cast was great though. Its probably a candidate for my worst top 20.

It’s entertaining stuff. Despite the obvious comparisons to “Dirty Dozen” theme, it’s worth to watch.

I found this one very disappointing indeed.
Too many pointless, inconsistent and unsatisfying moments.
Can you think of another spaghetti western where so many memorable villains are dealt with in such an unremarkable way? George Martin’s climactic showdown with the big brutal thug is finished off-stage.
Really one of the most awkward, forced examples of the genre I’ve seen.

Nice cinematography, cast and score, but as much as I love this stuff I still need more than that.

According to imdb, Sylvestor Stallone produced this. This can’t possibly be true…or can it?

No, unless he’s the same guy as Oreste Coltellacci.

“Yo Adrianna, lo ho fatto!”

I’m quite sure IMDB used to have Stallone as uncredited actor in this (meaning it would have been his first role) but the info isn’t there anymore (if it ever did) and obviously IMDB does have false info.

But, I have seen a bad quality photo of Stallone in some sort of mexican bandit outfit with some unknown (at least to me…) guy who was also dressed like a bandit, and I remember the person who had the photo to claim that it was from the filming of this particular movie. ???

Anyways this was years ago and I didn’t really know the person and I don’t have the image saved anywhere so… :wink: I did ask about it at the Stallone forum somewhere (which seemed to be the most popular forum around) later on and got no answer about it.

Perhaps the photo was from some other movie (what?) or something. I don’t know.

It is mentioned nowhere, except on imdb and websites that copy their info. It would make little sense anyway. It would have been his first credit at the age of 21. Stallone did spend some time in Europe (Switzerland) though.

Oh, who cares :slight_smile:

The DVD companies:

Sylvester Stallone in in his spectacular debut film Red Blood, Yellow Gold.

Also starring: George Hilton, Edd Byrnes, George Martin

We need a screenshot of Sly in this one.

He’s supposed to be the producer not an actor in this film.


Edd Byrnes isn’t my favorite spaghetti leading man(for sure!) but a decent film. A middle of the road SW. I’ll watch it again.

Looks like some kind of error to me. His real debut was quite spectacular nevertheless ;D

Maybe I would rewatch it, but it has one of the nastiest German comedy dubs on earth…

Thinking of buying this one as I collect Swedish VHS, but I don’t like Edd Byrnes in Spaghs! Need advice here ;).

Buy it