Recycling Of SW Film Soundtracks

I have (and maybe you) numerous of times noticed musical similarities between many random SW films, and sometimes it’s not just similarities but literally the exact same music being used.
Just the other day I saw the SW This Man Can’t Die (soundtrack by Amedeo Tommasi) and under my viewing my ear suddenly detected a known melody… it was Morricone’s L’inseguimento (The Chase) theme originally from A Fistful Of Dollars, that shamelessly have been recycled.
SW films had little money to work with, and many were made in a hurry, so stealing a little from other composers (mostly Morricone) were pretty common. But Italy wasn’t the only one to do this. In the Chinese karate film The Way Of The Dragon (starring Bruce Lee), the soundtrack also had a recognizable sound to it, with two music tracks originally composed by Morricone being recycled, L’attentato (The Transgression) mixed with Come Una Sentenza (As A Judgment) from Once Upon A Time In The West.
You can hear and watch how the music tracks have been recycled in the mentioned films above, in these two Youtube videos down below.
This Man Can’t Die - YouTube (fast forward to 0:14:16)
The Way Of The Dragon [url=]- YouTube (fast forward to 1:18:26)

With this thread I thought it could be interesting (with the help from all of you) to list the SW films that recycles music from other original SW film soundtracks. Also remember to list the names of the individual music tracks being recycled, if you will… :slight_smile:

I only have one more thing to say!
Keep an sharp ear out, and don’t let it get cut off! :wink:

This is pretty common, many Fidani films have recycled Lallo Gori music from Black Jack, Execution and Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows (the last one is also a Fidani film). Some others are Vendetta At Dawn (the main theme is from Moment To Kill), The Beast (this must have the record for most recycled music by different composers: The Stranger Returns by Stelvio Cipriani, Man: Pride And Vengeance by Carlo Rustichelli and A Name That Cried Revenge by Robby Poitevin!) and many of Gianni Crea’s films (mostly from The Stranger Returns). The so called Kebab Westerns (Turkish Westerns) also recycled a lot, one film even has some sort of remix (and it was made in 1972!):

The Hellbenders score by Morricone has been re cycled in The Return of Clint the Stranger and Drummer of Vengeance. Have also heard Hellbenders tracks in another western, but does not spring to mind at present.

Yeah, and I also came to think of Ringo’s Golden Pistol in Gun Shy Piluk.

Bruno Nicolai’s theme from Have a good funeral Sartana has been used about a million times, in God in Heaven, Arizona on Earth and Shanghai Joe to name a couple.

That “Son of Django” song (I think that’s what it’s called) from Vengeance is a Colt 45 is in another spaghetti too, I just can’t remember what it was.

It was Django Sfida Sartana.

[quote=“Silence, post:7, topic:2982”]It was Django Sfida Sartana.[/quote]There must be a few then as I’ve not seen that one for many years, it was something else I’ve seen more recently.

The title of the song is “They Called Him Django”

The theme was also used in the trailer of Testa t’ammazzo, croce… sei morto… Mi chiamano Alleluja

[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:9, topic:2982”]The title of the song is “They Called Him Django”

The theme was also used in the trailer of Testa t’ammazzo, croce… sei morto… Mi chiamano Alleluja[/quote]

Are you sure?

Yes :slight_smile:'ammazzo,_croce…_sei_morto…_Mi_chiamano_Alleluja/Trailers%26Clips

Ok, in the trailer it is, but not in the film.
That theme is easy to recognize, and in the trailer there is no doubt about it.

Django Sfida Sartana is the only one I can remember, but of course there could be more.

I think “Death Rides a Horse” starts with music from “Fistful of Dollars”, which has also been used in other films whose titles I can’t recall…I’d have to watch it again but I’m almost positive…pretty common thing to do when you have to keep the budget down, I suppose…

Not so much a recycle in films, but on the DVD menu’s to Mill Creek’s SW Classic 20 Movies Features it plays Bruno Nicolai’s theme from Buon funerale, amigos!.. paga Sartana, but the film is not even a part of the 20 SW collection… ???

From memory I think Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe uses the same music (I could be wrong though) and that one is on the set.

Haven’t seen that yet, I will report back when I have :wink:

You aren’t wrong

That’s right. The music track is “Tortura (Torture)” and comes from AFOD. Also a track from FAFDM have been recycled in Death Rides A Horse, the poker/bar theme “Poker D’Assi (Four Aces)”.

The “Italianized” versions of two rather odd Paella westerns directed by José María Zabalza, Plomo sobre Dallas and Los rebeldes de Arizona (Prendi la Colt e prega il Padre tuo and Adios Cjamango), have music from Cowards Don’t Pray and El Puro respectively.

[url=]Manuel Parada - I Vigliacchi non Pregano (Titoli di Testa) - YouTube