Recommendations of SW Books?


The part where Cuchillo is hiding in the cane field and watches the men pass him. There’s no dialogue but it cuts out a big chunk of the music and some nice cinematography.

(david collins) #142

I’ve got Once upon a time in the Italian West. Great book.


Probably my favourite on the genre so far. Looking forward to Death in the Desert.

(Novecento) #144

I just finished Frankel’s “The Searchers”. I think I actually preferred his book “High Noon” (I also prefer the film itself too), but this one still comes very heartily recommended. His ability to combine real historical events/periods with film criticism is great.


Not sure if this has been mentioned. Yet another Leone book due out next year…


(Sebastian) #146

thanks! added it to the Db


That was quick, nice job :slightly_smiling_face:

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my shadow was done before I was :wink:

(Stanton) #149

I have an older version from that book, from the mid 80s. It is ok, but far from great.


I can’t imagine it being more definitive than Something to do with Death.

Hughes & Frayling’s new books are the 2 I can’t wait to read.

(Sebastian) #151

so this is a revised edition of an older book? is it the same title?

(Stanton) #152

My version is a German translation from 1984. The original title correspondents with the new English one: Tutti i film di Sergio Leone.

I think it will be a slightly revised edition. A chapter called “Six Ways Not to Resemble John Ford” is in my copy also. Let’s see if he learned to count meanwhile, as there are actually 7 ways in my book.

(Novecento) #153

And look who wrote the preface… Only the greatest living director…

A translation of this one…?

(Stanton) #154

Yes, most likely.

My first book about the Sergiot

(Sebastian) #155

What was the stand out book release this year? Still looking for someone who can contribute a recommendation to the list: