Recommendations of SW Books?

I have the book by Jasper P. Morgan, called something like Spaghetti Heroes: Django Sartana Ringo. Are there any other books about SWs done in the same style, also with posters in color? If there’s also a DVD following would of course be nice, but I don’t think it’s like that very often.

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bruckner’s book “Für ein paar Leichen mehr” has many posters.ür_ein_paar_Leichen_mehr

As do the Glittering Images set.'Italiana_Volume_1'Italiana_Volume_2'Italiana_Volume_3

Thanks, is Bruckner’s one only in German?

Yes, German only, but still an essential purchase.

Pictures, not posters

Yes, but the listing of all SWs is done by there original (=mostly Italian) titles. So everyone can use it.
This listing includes Italian, English, German, Spanish titles, runtime, release date, producer, director, screenplay and story, composer, photographer, actors.

Has anyone read the Ricardo Palacios book?,_director,_observador

Anyone have the Glittering Images set ? as wondered what peoples thoughts on what the best volume is.

I know Phil has them. I’ve also got them. I’ll have a look now. They’re all brilliant but The Wild the sadist and the Outsiders is the thickest - so more quantity + a rude section :o at the back in the bibliography. So I reckon this gets the Rev’s vote.

Cheers Reverend. Had the chance to get the volumes from a film fair last year for £20 each but was feeling a little stingy at the time, but have regretted ever since. The rude section will appeal to my good nature anyway :smiley: .

That’s about the best price you’ll find I reckon. I’d put off buying them because of the price but eventually stumped up about £20 apiece for 'em.
I know Phil (who is a notorious tightwad ;)) got them a while ago for pennies probably - but I think those days are gone.
They are very good though and I’m pleased to have them - even with a [size=8pt]small[/size] Sparky nibble on the spine of one of 'em. (I moved ‘em up a shelf after this!). I forgive him tho’ (RIP little fellah :-*).

I was looking on t’interweb for another book that I remember being in Italian and English (maybe?). I saw a copy a while back and it’s more of an inbetweeny (big) pocket booky size. It’s called Il western All’Italiana, and I remember it being pretty thick and packed with images.
Whilst surfin’ for it I found this (japanese) page that includes this book amongst others. You can see some great shots of inside these must haves as well. Worth a look.
Glittering Image Western All’Italiana is 2nd down, Il western All’Italiana is 5th down. (It says italian text here, but I seem to remember English as well - maybe just for the captions?).

Harsh but fair, Rev ;D I am indeed a tightwad (and a man who lives in Yorkshire should be able to appreciate the merits of such a disposition) Indeed I am never happier than when ferreting out a bargain. And one of my happiest moments was finding, some years ago, volume 1 of the Glittering Images set in a remainders book shop for five New Zealand dollars. (The rough equivelant of two pre Glasnost Polish Zloty :wink: ) The third edition I picked up in Italy and wasn’t nearly as well priced, closer to the £20 quoted by others. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the 2nd volume. Not even a dog eaten copy. A fact which has irked me for some time and this depression is only compounded by hearing that the Rev considers it the best one and that it contains a nudey section. >:(

They are cool books for sure and well worth getting if you can.

Well going to get at least one of the volumes this year if not all…you have tempted me now guys.

You’ve just all reminded me that i still need the third glittering images book.

My favorite SW books are the aforementioned Glittering Images releases! Great stuff all around!
I also like Alex Cox’s 10,000 WAYS TO DIE (even with all the errors, etc.).
And of course there is Frayling’s SPAGHETTI WESTERNS book.
And Ulirich’s book is very nice, too.

Actually, the only book about SW’s that I don’t care for is Thomas Weisser’s!
All the others have something to recommend about them.

Same here, funny thing is i paid the most for that one probably!

Piss take Mcfarlane (or whatever they call themselves) prices.

I prefer the first Glittering Images book because it focuses on the main directors (and the most significant films), giving them a chapter each. The second one is a bit choppier, covering lots of lesser known films in no particular order. I passed on buying the third one, as the law of diminishing returns appeared to be kicking in by that point. The books are lavishly illustrated and have text in Italian and English, though the English has clearly been written by Italians and it makes you grit your teeth from time to time (I’m sure one of us would have subbed it for free, if only they’d asked!)

For me, the groundbreaking SW book was Staig & Williams’s Italian Western: The Opera of Violence, (1975) which opened up the whole world of the genre for me. The text is a bit chaotic, but it’s packed with rare stills, has detailed UK release info, and there is no better source of background info on SW music and composers.

ITALIAN WESTERN THE OPERA OF VIOLENCE is a good book if you can track one down (can prove costly too)