R.I.P. Legends Lost but Remembered


That’s a shock … I’m a big fan of Scott Walker.


I always thought that upbeat tune was an unusual contrast to the film’s dark atmosphere. It’s a good tune nonetheless. RIP to another unsung singer


I saw this on the news earlier and knew i knew his name from somewhere. Rip to a great voice.

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Sad news indeed

About Scott Walker I was introduced to his music with some of his later (few) works, when someone lend me Climate of Hunter LP, from that I went to the Walker Brothers and his early work, his baritone voice was quite something.

A unique musician RIP


Larry Cohen, another cult film icon has passed, also 76.


Just learned that Agnes Varda, the sole female member of France’s Nouvelle Vague Movement, has passed at age 90 of cancer. That she passed during Women’s History Month is a little spooky, but that she worked up until the end shows her spirit and dedication. RIP to a pioneer who has earned her notoriety 10 times over.


Found out last night that Bibi Andersson, one of Ingmar Bergman’s favorite actresses, passed away at 83. I remember seeing an interview with her and thinking how down to earth she was. RIP

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Should have his own topic …

RIP Martin Böttcher

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Vojislav Voja Mirić (1933-2019)


Just saw on the IMDb that Doris Day, one of the great singers, actresses, and humanitarians, died today at age 97 of pneumonia. What a lovely life she lived. May we all reach so grand an age. RIP lovely lady.

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‪Have just read in a French Facebook group that the actor Jose Terron has passed away. Can anyone confirm?‬

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his son apparently posted it


One of the greatest SW faces ever.