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I’ve never heard anything about that shot, and I’ve been a Tarantino fan for half my life so I feel like I would if it was a thing. I’m only twenty six though so I obviously never saw it when it came out.

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There is a version of FAFDM in which the flashback is shared between Volonte and Van Cleef. Alex Cox has seen this and written about it in his book. There is no way a genre expert like Cox would invent this.

was this supposed to go somewhere else?

No, it is appropriate to post it here as it fits into the discussion regarding the Mandela effect.

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He did not invent this, I assume his memory just fooled him.

The fact that nobody here or elsewhere has seen such a version, at least that nobody holds such a version, should make you suspicious.

Count me as 1 of the Millions that Absolutely Remember Her Having Braces

No Doubt in my Mind She Had Braces

In my mind too …

Maybe the Bond fans should start a petition asking for digitally changing this to improve the scene … :wink:

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