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Best of 1969 maybe :slight_smile:

Set pictures, character photos, casting news! The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood June news roundup is here!

So Rick Dalton, a character in Tarantino’s next movie, also starred in one or many spaghetti westerns… and this is the poster for one… in the parallel universe where this actually happened :slight_smile:



Definitely a reference to Minnesota Clay.

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Here is the full trailer

Meah…I’ve stopped watching trailers long ago, they reveal too much especially the many good parts.

Reviews from Cannes are in. Depending on which one you pay any attention to, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is either Quentin’s talkiest picture in years or his quietest; his most violent movie or his least violent; a meandering, overindulgent and unfocused no-brainer or a surprisingly warm and melancholy comment on his own place in cinema. Everyone seems to agree that it looks great, though.

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Poster is pretty neat, and some gimmicks hidden in there

His Star Trek project is still alive to at least some degree, for now:


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Quentin Tarantino Present the Swinging Sixties

Quentin says he’s written five episodes of Bounty Law, the up-'til-now fictional western serial from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Rick Dalton is the star.

Mike has his review in:

And here is all about the soundtrack:


one track is from Dinamite Jim

It sucks that I still have to wait a few weeks before I can watch the movie. Maybe instead of complaining about piracy, Hollywood should release their movies everywhere at the same time.