Quentin Tarantino fans

I hope it has more action and less talking
sometimes his movies bore me to death like john wayne hanging against a pole and starting a speech for a half houer pfff
i hope that the one with kurt russel in it is also good

List of 70mm screening locations should be published later today, the soundtrack is released later this week

Update: The sales for the 100 screens in the US has started

Police brutality activists back Quentin Tarantino at The Hateful Eight Premiere

Quentin to write novels and plays after retirement

Preview of the Morricone OST


Not available in Germany. GEMA…

You can watch it using Hola

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Not a massive fan of Tarantino, but well done Quentin.

In stores now: The Hateful Eight official soundtrack (CD/Vinyl/Mp3) visit http://goo.gl/A4bf2E

Mike’s review is not up, do read it and share it:

Interesting featurette

Double review here


Here is our review of THE HATEFUL EIGHT

Tarantino ranked:

  1. Kill Bill
  2. Reservoir Dogs
  3. Pulp Fiction
  4. Death Proof
  5. Django
  6. Jackie Brown
  7. Inglourious Basterds
  8. The Hateful 8

I felt that, like I said, all the abuse that Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Daisy went through was a bit much. I didn’t want to like or support her, or even sympathise with her, but I ended up doing so. This review from The Red Right Hand best explains why:


Tarantino is first and foremost a fan and of the films I’ve seen of his I’d rank them in this order.

  1. Hateful Eight ( with its great wintery landscapes, wonderful, sharp dialogue, overtly violent ending, fantastic score/ soundtrack by Morricone, interesting choice of actors, the smashing of a priceless guitar, and the whole thing mostly takes place in a single room. I like the costumes which I think add to the mysterious atmosphere, and I really enjoyed the Roy Orbison song. I would put this up against anything else of his.
  2. Django Unchained is memorable and it too as some really cool landscapes, as well as a cool performance by DiCaprio. The dialogue between Fox and Waltz is intriguing, and I enjoyed the ending, but especially enjoyed the one shootout scene done partially in slow motion.
  3. Death Proof is his most underrated film,with Russell playing a cool part, and his some of the car scenes are shot really well. maybe not a true " Grindhouse" flick per say but a fun watch especially if one likes 80s b grade American slasher films like Pieces (1982), Slumber Party Massacre (1982),Graduation Day ( 1981), etc, where a bunch of teenagers run into a madman of some type and plan a revenge. Well directed and a fun watch for what it is.
  4. Inglorious bastards comes in at number 4, only cause I’m
    not a huge fan of alternative history flicks, but the bar scene is cool, as are the scenes shot in the theater, and both Waltz and Pitt have decent roles.
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Quentin Tarantino is prepping a movie about Charles Manson and the Tate murders:

I’m looking forward to seeing what SW music he’ll use next.

I need to learn a bit more about it, so far there’s not much to go on

So glad he is not directing another western.

Why’s that, En? Didn’t like Django Unchained and/or The Hateful Eight, or just fancy a change of pace from Mr. Tarantino?