Psychedelic/ hippie SWs?

(Silvanito) #1

Right, what were the influences of the hippie-movement or psychedelic art and music in Spaghettis?

Any Good Acid Westerns / Apocalyptic Westerns?
(Bill san Antonio) #2

The Specialist
-Hippie kids

-Also very hippie like bandits (and one hippy too: Ringo :smiley: )

(Bad Lieutenant) #3

Four of the apocalypse - hippie song
The mercenary - Palance smoking weed

(Hud) #4

No anachronistic pot heads in sight but BROTHERS BLUE/BLU GANG is definitely one for the love generation…

(Reverend Danite) #5

El Puro - Alternative interest in Eastern religion … Buddhism.

(Phil H) #6

William Berger in general

(Chico Martino) #7

Return of Sabata - The opening scene

(Reverend Danite) #8

I seem to remember Sonny and Jed using hip-jive cool slang like ‘mutherfucker’ and ‘pad’. :o 8)


Thats right and ‘punk’.

(Silvanito) #10

(Silvanito) #11

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Reverend Danite) #12

Well it’s got the word groovy in it. And in case you were wonderin’ - these two havn’t gone all Brokeback Mountain on us - the skinny one is just hiding behind t’other … WEST AND SODA(1965) :o ;D

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(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #13

Is it just me or does Keoma look more convincing as a hippie than as a native american?

(Pacificador) #14

It isn’t just you. I love the movie but it takes a HIGH suspension of disbelief to accept Franco as a half-breed. He looks like one of my uncles from back in the 70’s :wink:

(Earl McGraw) #15

For a Few Dollars More: Indio smoking weed

(alk0) #16

Palance was smoking weed in Companeros as far as i remeber

(Silvanito) #17

Yes it was Companeros, not Mercenary

(Bad Lieutenant) #18

Ironic. Maybe I need to stop smoking weed.

(Sieglinde) #19

William Berger specially as Banjo. His clothes, his hair, his instrument… :stuck_out_tongue: A hippie troubadour.

Tomas Milian in Four of Apocalypse - seems like Jack Sparrow stole his clothes. ;D


Hello INTERPOL :smiley: :o !!
I got a guy here who’s been on the weed and he’s “confessed” !!
Yes hes “Bad” but claims there was NO “Harm” In it :smiley: ;D :wink: