Problem with the SWDb on the phone

Has anyone here had any problem with accessing the SWDB Forum on their iPhones or Mobile Phones recently? Since either Monday or Tuesday the Forum won’t come up on my phone which is strange because everything else on the site comes up fine. Thanks for any info and help.

are you still having this problem?

Hi Admin Sebastian,

Yes, the Forum still isn’t working on my phone, I don’t know what it could be as all the other parts of the site work fine.

Ok this will be hard to diagnose, so I need to ask a few questions: How are you accessing the site on your phone (via which browser)? Which phone is it (iPhone, Android)? Have you (just to check) run all updates and emptied the browser cache (this might do wonders)? There has been a migration of the site and update in the background, it might be causing some caching issues…

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I haven’t had any problems (Android).

Fine for me via Safari on iPhone.

I’m also not having problems on Android.

I did give the cache a try, and all that came up was the guidelines and getting started banner. My phone is over two years old, but that only the Forum isn’t working instead of the whole site is a little strange.

it may sound tedious: but try logging in and out of the forum.

eh… not great, but shouldn’t stop you from seeing the forums.

Not at all, these are two entirely different sites from a technical standpoint…