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Self explanatory. Interesting photos you took or pics of yourself (although few here would bite). This is a picture I took in Gloucester Mass (US) in front of the fisherman’s memorial statue (seen in The Perfect Storm). That is actually an anchor but I shot it to look like a cross overseeing the vast ocean to which many never return.

The great city of Boston, taken from Log Wharf.

Nice photo’s…what camera did you use ?

A shit Canon A590. I have to take a lot of photos just to get a few good ones. Very little zoom & slow shutter (which sometimes I use to my advantage)

…Like that

Salem Mass. Witch trials y’all

Nice pics I…I… The boston one looks like it would make a great postcard. I love city light skyline photos.

Here’s another B&W typical of the dunes seen on our local beaches. For Sherp & Ennio who aren’t fans of the sunshine

In homage to all the Horror’s I’ve been watching lately. This was taken last Halloween & yes, I did carve that pumpkin.

I should have named the thread I…Idiot’s post a pic

cool photos posted I…I…Idiot. well done.

[quote=“I…I…Idiot, post:8, topic:1870”]Here’s another B&W typical of the dunes seen on our local beaches. For Sherp & Ennio who aren’t fans of the sunshine


That’s how the dunes look like on our shores too

This is the best song ever written about this feeling to be born and live in a country where the cold winds are blowing forever; it’s in French, but with English subtitles:

Took a 5 minute ride from my house today & played tourist. This is a pic of Where the ‘shot heard round the world’ was fired sparking the official beginning to the Revolutionary War.
Frisbee anyone?

nice photos I…I…Idiot

here’s a pic of me:

Well look who resurrected like a Hammer film. Aphechre, how’ve you been. I don’t know whats funnier, your Nosferatu reference or the fact that you’ve been back on this forum for 5 minutes & been the only person other than me to post s pic on this thread.

[quote=“autephex, post:14, topic:1870”]nice photos I…I…Idiot

here’s a pic of me:

Looks like me in the morning.

If you look at your avatar, it looks like it’s staring at Noseferatu & Nos is staring back. Weird.

Well spotted !

Look what I found at the beach yesterday. And no, that’s not a giant crab but a small lobster.

haha! :smiley:

speaking of beach… here’s a pic from a different forum i thought was interesting