(Poll) Your favorite composer

What’s your favorite composer?

You can suggest more for the poll, I will add them as choices

Maybe it would be better to make a poll without Morricone. We all know he’s the best.

I voted Morricone, because he is the master. I have to say though, Grand Duel theme is as good as any of Morricone’s tunes.

Yep, it has to be Ennio Morricone for me. A lot of his music is very haunting and I love that quality. To take something as simple as a Coyote’s cry and to make that into such an epic track (The Good The Bad And The Ugly) is something truly special. A lot of Leone’s work would not be as great as it is if it wasn’t for Morricone and those are some really strong words. There are composers who make music which sounds good and can be placed anywhere within a film, Morricone’s music on the other hand seems to be specially written for a specific scene, if not, then the director (Leone) creates a scene around that music (Once Upon A Time In The West). Another great quality of Leone’s is that you can listen to his music without the context of the film. I can sit here in my room, listening to it on a hi-fi and enjoying every minute of it.

However, there are a few tunes I don’t like but these are lasrgely overshadowed by his masterpieces. No matter how many times I listen to Il Triello, I still get goosebumps when it reaches it climax, and this is something truly great.

In my opinion, the more music we have from this man, the better. It is unfortunate that Quentin Tarantino did not take up Morricone’s offer of a complete soundtrack for the part-spaghetti western, Kill Bill.


I have to agree with everyone else. Ennio is the king, and always will be.

[quote=“Ify, post:4, topic:32”]In my opinion, the more music we have from this man, the better. It is unfortunate that Quentin Tarantino did not take up Morricone’s offer of a complete soundtrack for the part-spaghetti western, Kill Bill.

Is that true? I can’t believe thet Tarantino would turn down an offer like that. Quentin Tarantino is as much of a fan of Spaghetti Cinema as anyone here. He has done presentations at film festivals about Italian Westerns, particularly Da Uomo a Uomo. It sounds unbelievable.

well, kill bill features morricone’s ‘A Shillouete Of Doom’ But, it would have been better withn a full morricone soundtrack.

Yes it is, I read it in an interview with Morricone himself. He said he didn’t want to make just one or two tracks and offered to make a whole soundtrack but it would cost Tarantino millions of dollars. QT declined, and instead used Morricone’s existing music which Morricone was also happy about.

if i’d be quentin i’d also said “no”. you see, he didnt make a spaghetti western. just a film inspired by them. so if he hires morricone to do an OST for him, the next time he really wants to do a western, its nothing special anymore…

yeah, i agree. It’d be weird if Tarantino did a spaghtti western (Shot it in spain or italy)

I think QT would make a very fine Spaghetti Western. Sorry if this is off topic!

Had to go with Il Maestro Morricone. Hes definitely my favorite when it comes to Spaghetti Western scores, and alot of other genres too. Theres other composers who have done some good work, but Morricone is more consistent and creative.

QT turning down Moorricone: I know that the reason QT turned that offer down was because the music had to be from all kinds of different genres of film. I would much rather have a QT hand picked soundtrack then just one specific score done by a composer. Thats part of what I love most about QTs filmmaking.

I think THIS is the fact. It is only kinda hommage to all spaghetti western. And I also think that Winslow is right. A soundtrack within diffrent genres of music is a symbol of what Tarantino’s understanding to soundtracks.

To the poll. Of course I voted for Morricone. He is the best writer, maybe not only in spaghetti western. Also the OST from Once upon a time in America is incredible. thousands of examples…

RIP Franceso de Masi (t nov 6th)

Morricone Is the best. His music can make you feel different about a movie.

:’( i know, and to think that only in October 05’ i got a signed Lone wolf McQuade soundtrack.

oh, i almost forgot MORRICONE, without question.

Did you meet De Masi or did you purchase a signed copy from someone else? I know he did some live appearances conducting some of his film music within the last few years prior to his death.

Either way that’s a very nice thing to have in your collection. I’m very much a fan. I listened to the soundtrack for ANY GUN CAN PLAY almost every day for about two years, until my wife finally begged me to playing it so much.

However, as far as SW composers go there is no doubt that Morricone is both the best and the most influential. He’s certainly one of the best and most influential film score composers in all of modern cinema.

Call me crazy, but I think the De Angelis brothers should be nominated for their beautifully haunting soundtracks of Keoma and Mannaja.

Very easy one for me…Ennio Morricone of course :).