POLL: What is your favourite Clint Eastwood western apart from the Leone trilogy

Tough choice between High Plains Drifter and Unforgiven, but I’ll go for the latter. ;D

Wasn´t The Outlaw Josey Wales pretty damn good?! Been so long since i saw these i can´t really remember, but it got my wote. I did re-watch Pale Rider about a year ago when it was screened at the tv, must say i found it to be really bad now… Not sure i´ve ever seen Bronco Billy to be honest.

High Plains Drifter easily…

High Plains Drifter for me aswell :wink: .

Please forgive me for voting Unforiven

And please pardon the pun.

High Plains Drifter - I re-watched it this weekend - it is easily one of the best westerns to be heavily influenced by the spaghetti western craze.

Two Mules for Sister Sara

Don’t think i’d include The Beguiled or Bronco Billy

I was going to vote for Paint Your Wagon but was not in poll :smiley: .

I voted for Josey Wales, although its close. I’m one of the few who actually like pale rider better than high plains. As far as his american westerns goes, Clint is pretty hit or miss with me. I happen to think that Joe Kidd and Hang Em High were bonafide pieces of crap.


Unforgiven for me. But I’m with you on Pale Rider over High Plains Drifter. HPD is ok but I find the rape scene hard to take. Always puts me off the rest of the movie.

As a director: Mystic River, if only westerns are allowed Pale Rider

As an actor: Dirty Harry, if only westerns are allowed Hang 'm High

Of the two westerns Hang 'm High

(But Mystic River beats Hang 'm High)

I love Unforgiven. But it’s really a tough choice. Joe Kidd and HPD are also great.

I guess you’re one of the few who like Joe Kidd, Dillinger
Not that it speaks in your favour, of course … ;D

Didn’t know that. How Clint beats the one guy down the stairs is IMO one of the great Eastwood moments.

It’s Outlaw Josie Wales for me.

I have seen it only once, at least twenty years ago, so it’s hard to say what my personal feelings are, but it seems the least popular of Clint’s westerns among the forum members, if I’m not mistaken.

I remember i wasn’t impressed when I saw it, but can’t say exactly why
I don’t remember the scene you describe

I don’t know, how popular it is. For me it is a flick I watch each time I know it’s on TV…

Seems a good idea for me to do that too the next time

I am with you Dillinger I like Joe Kidd too. Not my favorite Eastwood western but it is good imo.