Pirate / Nautical Films

One of the reasons I love Westerns so much is obviously because I’m fascinated with the West itself. This is also why I have trouble enjoying non westerns. But one other film (sub) genre I am interested in are pirate or nautical films set at sea. Any suggestions before I start a kick? And I’m talking about the classics, not Pirates of the Caribbean shit.

When I was akid, some of those classics were shown on TV. These days they can’t be seen that often. Some of them were about Sir Francis Drake (The Sea Hawk, Seven Seas to Calais). Another one I remeber was the classic with Burt Lancaster, The Crimson Pirate. There were many more, but I can’t think of them now.
I liked them pretty much then, but I don’t know, if thay worked for me today. Maybe I have to get hold of one…

The Black Pirate (1927)
Captain Blood (1934)
The Sea Hawk (1940)
The Black Swan (1942)
Anne of the Indies (1951)
The Crimson Pirate (1953)
Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)

These are the best pirate films for me. There are not so much classics in this genre. Maybe the one by Polanski, which was entertaining, but still a lesser Polanski film.

I’ve seen the Polanski in a locat cinema when I was a kid. Haven’t seen it ever since.

One thing I can remember (that’s what kids like) is people slipping on yellow, mustard-like bird’s poo.

There is a serious pirate movie with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer Il Corsaro Nero (1971). I only remember Bud Spencer on a Wheel. Don’t even know anymore if this movie was any good. Also I remember a TV Show called Sandokan I watched in my childhood. I think it was pretty good.

I like the “Mutiny on the Bounty” Movies. Didn’t watched Master and Commander with Russel Crowe so far. Maybe I’ll catch it the next time it’s aired. :slight_smile:

Pirates of the Caribbean (the first part) wasn’t that bad. The second had at least some hilarious action scenes but the third one … terrible .

Master and Commander is a good one. It starrs Paul Bettany as well!

About the Polanski Pirate Movie I remember it cost’s a lot because they had to build the ship first but you still can visit the Ship in Genoa. Walther Matthau as great as usual in that (BTW he was great as Gangster in Charly Varrick!). It’s an entertaining flick but a bit too long. :slight_smile:

I like Hook - me and two equally old mates went to see it at the pictures and there were all these annoying kids (well what did we expect). At the end of the movie all the kids jumped up and pissed off, leaving 3 old(ish) men moist-eyed at the feeling of loss of innocence that by-passed the kids.
I like pirates as an historical thing and have a substantial collection of books on the subject, but I havn’t seen many films on the subject - altho’ I have seen the Polanski one - it was ok. There’s a Monty Python offshoot one called Yellowbeard, if I remember rightly. This may be worth a watch - with a highly humourous crew it could prove a goodie. Somehow, I approve of comedy-pirates and not of my SWs! I reckon I may try and track this one down.

Btw - What’s got three eyes, three legs and three arms?

Yellowbeard is alot of fun.

Oh yes Yellowbeard was fun! Last movie of “Igor” Marty Feldmann. John Cleese as blind pirate.

There were also several Carry On Movies about pirates!

My video rental shop offers this one :


Haven’t rented it yet
Anybody seen it?

I have also seen in shops a documentary on this pirate (I thought it was a BBC production)

Thanks for theb info on Yellowbeard - I’ll definately find it now.

Yeah - The early Carry On Jack is pretty good - not such good thoughts about the later ‘imposter’ - Carry on Columbus tho’ :stuck_out_tongue:

3 Pirates! ;D ;D ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:11, topic:1522”]My video rental shop offers this one :


Haven’t rented it yet
Anybody seen it?

I have also seen in shops a documentary on this pirate (I thought it was a BBC production)[/quote]

It’s cheap looking TV Production. I thought it’s one of these Movies they made for documentaries. I’m quite sure they used footages of this movie in historical documentaries about Blackbeard. The real Story (not this Movie) about Blackbeard is really good and worth an own bigger budget Movie.

Oh yes it was pretty good. I also remember Sandokan by Sergio Sollima starring some beloved SW actors: Kabir Bedi; Philippe Leroy; Andrea Giordana; Carol André; Adolfo Celi

The worst Pirate Movie (and it’s one of the worst TV Productions! too) I ever watched is an Adaption of the famous “Treasure Island” . It was made 2007 for a german TV Station with some well known German Actors. There were a lot of shaky camera scenes in it and hilarious Kung Fu fighting Pirates. Most of the Actors (and Actresses) were looking sick too. Try to avoid this one it’s horrible. :smiley:

Title, tv-station and actor’s names ?

Pro7, “Die Schatzinsel”, Tramitz, Moretti whoever …

Oh yes, right !!! A real waste of money and time by Pro7 :’( !!!

There is a film made in the early '80s starring Tommy Lee Jones as the pirate Bully Hayes. It’s called Nate and Hayes. Hard to find a decent pirate film!! I too, Reverend, am a student of the pirate and try to live life accordingly… :wink:


Errol Flynns Pirate movies are probebly the best, but i bought a realy good pirate move some years ago:
SWASHBUCKLER 1976. with Robert Shaw dir:James Goldstone.