Pirate / Nautical Films

Excellent - keep up the good work, brethren of the post! ;D

(And lets not be forgetting that Jack Sparrow was origonally a SW character.)

… and why are pirates called pirates?

Although not a film star, Captain Pugwash was a favourite of mine many years ago:

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This was the one that has gone down as an urban myth for having characters - Seaman Stains, Master Bates and Roger the Cabin Boy.
In fact this was in a spoof version - but try and convince people that! ;D

… Because they ARRRRRRRRRe!!
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[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:23, topic:1522”]… Because they ARRRRRRRRRe!!
(sorry :P)[/quote]

Not true.

Not all pirates are called pirates
Just take the Reverend, he’s called Danite!

Days of Sail:
Master & Commander 2003
Damn The Defiant 1962
Billy Budd 1962

Das Boot 1982
The Cruel Sea 1953
The Enemy Below 1957
The Caine Mutiny 1954

As an ex-marinero these are my favorite nautical films.

I think what I like about these films is the open land(water)scape. Gives me a special feeling. I really like Master and Commander. Tried to start a post about Scalawag but no one came. Anyway, it’s the one made in the early 70’s with Kirk Douglas and George Eastman but is set in 1840’s California so maybe it can be part pirate movie, and part western?! Cool

Also, I believe it was a US/Italian co production. Spaghetti possibilities!!!

I second the suggestion of Swashbuckler with Robert Shaw. His old TV show The Buccaneers had its moments, too.
I also think Morgan The Pirate with Steve Reeves is better than its reputation suggests.

This probably my favorite pirate film, great stuff.

liked the"pirates" movies also liked Master & Commander also Moby Dick w/ Gregory Peck. Great summer viewing along with Jaws one of my all time favs. Long Live Quint

Blackie the pirate has its moments, but fails on numerous accounts.

I think the first installment of Pirates of the Carribean was quite alright. Johnny Depp really carried the movie there. Of course Orlando Bloom is a joke of an actor. On the whole it’s good popcorn fun.

And I remember watching the cartoon Mad Jack the pirate, which was reasonably entertaining. But overall I can’t say I’m much of a fan of the genre.

I actually finally got around to seeing all three Pirate of the Caribbean movies recently. Liked the first one quite a bit. The second was a step back, but the third was almost as fun as the first. Good popcorn fun about sums it up.

I LOVE Italian Piratefilms!! Unfortunally they didn´t make as many as with westerns… The best are the series about Sandokan the Tiger of Momprachem, and specially the tv-series made by the great Sergio Sollima and starring the even greater Kabir Bedi as Sandokan! A must see if there ever was one!! The follow up by the same team, The Black Pirate (Il Corsaro nero) is just as great. Another big favorite is Queen of the Pirates (La venere dei pirati) by Mario Costa, a fantastic adventure, but might be a bit hard to track down.
Start with the Sandokan tv-series, you will not regret it! there´s a few dvd releases of it, i believe it´s one of the Italian ones that have English subs. (I have the old vhs tapes with English dubbing…)

Sollima’s pirate flick looks good.

Yes! It’s a great movie, a personal favorite of mine :slight_smile: It’s a pity Kabir Bedi never starred in any SW by the way

Unfortunately the KOCH MEDIA Release of Sandokan have only German and Italian Audio. Same goes to the Black Corsar.