Oscar winners in sw's

Oscars aren’t really that important thing to me, I don’t even watch the award galas ever.
But I started to think today about actors in sw’s and how many of them were oscar winners or would be one in future.

Clint Eastwood is one of course but only after years
Rod Steiger
Henry fonda
Anthony Quinn
Charlton Heston (if you include Jack London films as sw’s)

Any others? Or how about other people working on sw’? Is Morricone the only one with Oscar?

Oscar winners in SW"s is almost like an oxymoron LOL. But yeah its surprising just how many there actually are.

James Coburn
Yul Brynner
Ernest Borgnine
Jason Robards

If Shalako is counted, Sean Connery.

Orson Wells.

There are also quite a few oscar nominees, as well as golden globe winners.

I think Brett Halsey won a Golden Globe.

Jack Palance

Martin Balsam.

Fernando Sancho

Just kidding.

Luis Bacalov his score for Il Postino

Riz Ortolani for Mondo Cane

Morricone finally won a lifetime achievement award from the Acadey.

I think the interesting question is:

How many of them appeared in a SW after they got their Academy Award?

[quote=“Dorado, post:4, topic:1802”]Orson Wells.[/quote]Ah, of course.

[quote=“Dillinger, post:13, topic:1802”]I think the interesting question is:

How many of them appeared in a SW after they got their Academy Award?[/quote]quite many actually, out of those mentioned so far:
Rod Steiger
Anthony quinn
Charlton Heston
Yul Brunner
Ernest Borgnine
Martin Balsam
Orson Welles

Another one to add: Anne Baxter from The Tall Women.

Orson Welles got an Oscar?

I know another one:

Van Heflin

Vincenzo Cerami was a nominee for Life is Beautiful.

I also wanted to reply to Bill saying I agree with not caring about the Oscars or award shows in general. I don’t need some committee to tell which film or director they feel is the best.

Yes he did for Best Screenplay in 1941 for “Citizen Kane” (I should know, it’s my favourite film).

Of course you and Bill are right. Especially if you have a look what kind of performances sometimes get one…