Original vhs covers

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It looks like that the topic -home made dvd covers- is a big sucses. alott of people from the forum are checking out the cover and give nice compliments (thank you!), and also alott of gasts are coming on the forum to take a look at them (dont only take a look become a member of the forum!!!).

I asked a few times for your home made covers but I heared alot of times that you dont know how to make nice looking covers.

Sooooo I was thinking why not ask for your orriginal vhs covers! Im sure alott of you have some sleves lying around.
please post them! 300dpi jpeg !

it would be great to have a huge database of orriginal video covers! It doesnt matter if they are betamax, vcc or some other long forgotten video medium.

Pictures are working good, lots of people want to see them, that means more visiters on the forum!

so take out those old video boxes and scan those covers and put them on the forum.

I really hope to see some of your covers

many thanks

tom :slight_smile:

i’ll see if i can borrow a scanner from someone

Thats the spirit Yodlaf!!! scan those covers!!
be a role moddel for other viewers!

do it for borat!

it’s a shame i haven’t got a scanner because i’d really like to get involved, i’m in the process of getting rid of tapes aswell, putting them on dvdr so i can still have the film them putting them on ebay, i’ve done about 8 this week, if i can get a scanner before they sell i’ll sort it out, if you want to see what they are my user id is spara73

you should really make scan of your orriginal covers!! its a pitty when you sell your tapes and dont have scans of the covers anymore!!

otherwise go to a copy shop and led them scan there and burn them on a cd

WOW you have been busy, i’ve made my mind up i’m going to get a scanner, i have a lot more original spaghettis on dvd than vhs now, i also have some laser discs also but how could i scan them, a photo might have to make do. :slight_smile:

how about vinyl and cd covers also, we could cover the whole spectrum! :wink:

you can start a new topic with vinyl and cd covers if you like! I dont have any…
but its great to have this huge data base of old covers!

tom ive got an idea ive got a free photobucket account i think you can upload images up to 1mb on there :slight_smile: then post a link to it
some of my scans are suffering because ofthe 200k limit
but ill keep posting them ill try one at photobucket in a while :slight_smile:

The Good Die First - dutch

Fat Brothers Of Trinity - danish

They called him amen - hebrew

The last bullet - swedish

viva django - dutch

Bloodsilver - portugese

Revenge Of Trinity - greek 2nd ver

They Call Me Trinity - Dutch

Nice one Tom - did you mention they can only look if they post a cover :-))) ;D

The Boldest Job In The west

Mutiny At Fort Sharp - uk

Dollars To Die For (Viva Sabata!) uk

Ace High - uk

Bloodsilver - spanish

Man Of The East - Uk ver 2

The Good Die First - uk

Trinity Is still my Name - uk ver. 2

for how long have you been collecting spaghetties mark?
did you also buy most of these cassets or did you get most of them on cd?
I think I only have around 35 vhs cassets but most covers I got through trades.

Awesome collection! Here’s my 2 cents.

A Fistful of Dollars (Dutch, Video Film Express/Concorde Video, 1992)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Dutch, MGM/UA Home Video, 1994)

Let´s see if this works…

Death On A High Mountain

Samurai (aka The White, The Yellow And The Black)

They Call Me Veritas


Charge (aka Those Dirty Dogs)

Some more…


Blood At Sundown

Black Jack

Ben & Charlie


Fighting Fists Of Shanghai Joe

Cemetery Without Crosses

The Price Of Death

The Forgotten Pistolero

Django Kill

Awesome covers Mats ! Thanks for sharing them amigo!

You´re welcome Mark…here´s some more… ;D

Killer Kid


Karate, Fists And Beans

Reverend Colt

And 3 more…

And God Said To Cain

Chuck Mool

My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow