Online-Shopping post-Brexit Tips/Experiences

EDIT: This topic had created some heated debates in the other thread, so it is not split off into its own. Ideally, we can keep this on a technical level despite the different views we may have on Brexit. Spaghetti Western fans in the UK want to order from EU sellers and vice versa. Let’s exchange tips and experiences on that.

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This whole brexit stinks to high heaven, dont think i’ll ever manage to get my hands on this thing for under 80 Euros or so… can anyone in the UK order this at the cheapest possible place and then send it to me labelled as gift?

Brexit doesn’t stink. The spiteful attitude of the EU dictatorship to Britain for extricating itself from their clutches is what stinks. You watch enough Spaghettis and the message is always FREEDOM FROM OPPRESSION.

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yes it stinks, for a whole myriad of reasons we’re not gonna get into because it’s not the place (and stay away with this tabloidy “opression” bullshit, the SWDb is not breitbart). this is about shopping blurays, and for shopping blurays, brexit stinks, because it means import duties, processing fees and a lower number of shops that ship from the UK to the EU, not to mention that there is an agreement on import taxes under a certain threshold from which the channel islands are not covered.


Ah, the art of scolding one for being too political…by being too political. :rofl: I guess there really is no place left where one can go to simply share a love of something without politics rearing it’s ugly head. That is a shame because it is a nice idea.


Well if you don’t want to get into it, don’t raise the subject. You may have to pay import duties like I’ve always had to pay buying stuff from the US. But that doesn’t make me opine that the US stinks. If you’re going to shoot, shoot straight. And the EU fascist dictatorship is the target.

“All glory is fleeting”

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My target is what gullible fools, tricked by populists into harming their own countries and others in the process, have brought upon the world (no matter who they throw the fascism label at), starting with having to pay fucking import duties on a pair of discs.

And while I was lamenting brexit (not opining that any country stinks), you were the one who started with the Farage talking points (who was quick to get a EU passport after suckering you). Normal folks having to pay import duties on small scale commerce like ordering movies, is just as shitty no matter where you order it from.


Last three times that I ordered films from UK they came through without import fee. However, I don’t think you’ll find the box for any less then 80,

Populism is what is popular with the majority of the people, and upon which democracy is based. Seems like the anti-brexiteers are elitists who believe that a minority should make all the rules. Brexiteers voted for the return of our sovereignty. We wanted to be governed by the UK parliament, whose members we could elect. We did not want to be governed by a cabal of unelected commissioners in brussels. And all these lies that “Farage lied” and we all believed him doesnt wash. I was lied to when we joined the Common Market. And ever since the Common Market was transformed into the EU Federal State by the subterfuge of our own government led by John Major and then Gordon Brown, I had wanted a referendum so that I could vote to leave the EU. Remainers lost the vote because they were a minority. Get over it.

“All glory is fleeting”

that’s a bummer… not that it won’t be worth it, but it’s a hard sum to swallow

Thats… not what populism is (see for example populism | History, Facts, & Examples | Britannica). But thanks for this exchange on brexit poltiics anyways.


“Populism seeks to defend the interests and maximize the power of ordinary citizens, through reform”.

Sounds good to me.

Anyway, I live in the UK and I bought Vengeance Trails from So I don’t see what belonging to or not belonging to the EU has got to do with it.

If you live in the EU then you may well have to pay import duty, which is a quid pro quo now introduced because the UK has regained it’s sovereignty from the EU and we now have different trading relations based on EU spite.

If you live in the US, you may have to pay import duty for UK packages. But that’s always been the case between the US and UK. What happens is that from all the millions of packages on the conveyor belt, they pick out a random few and slap duty on them. Most of the time you’ll never know; occasionally they pick your package and you get slapped with duty.
This system now operates between the EU and the UK.

It’s a lottery.

I buy DVDs from Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the US. I rarely get caught with duty.

So what country are you in that hits you so badly?

Everything. There are no import fees within the EU because it’s a single market. With the UK out, import duties or customs taxes or however you call it, apply (with exceptions and whatever) to most commercial shipments over a certain total amount, which the Vengeance Trails box hits. I think the threshold is, as it is with other non-EU origins (for EU customers) at about 20 bucks or so.

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No. No matter where u stand on the matter (fine with me if you are all pro Brexit, I am not, we settled that) there are now different trading relationships because one country decided to leave the single market and is now outside of it. By your very own explanations, that’s the reason for the different trading relationship.

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Yea so you won. Now man up and own it. Stop blaming “EU spite”.

So what country are you in Sebastian? Are you in an EU country, or a non EU country?

In an EU country, that’s why I raised the point of the imports

Okay, so as an EU citizen, you would be subject to import tariffs on any products bought in the US, if you were unlucky to have your package inspected. As indeed would I, as a non-EU citizen.

Britain tried to negotiate a no tariff deal with the EU, but the EU wouldn’t have it. The EU insisted on tariffs, so we have tariffs.
You watch enough Spaghetti Westerns, so you should be able to spot the bad guy.

I still buy DVDs from the EU and have not paid any tariffs since the UK became a sovereign independent country.
If you buy from the EU and a tariff is charged, it’s the EU doing the charging, not the UK.

I’ll leave it at that.

Yea let’s leave it at that :grin:

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The EU approved a zero-tariff agreement with the UK last year. If you’re ordering from the EU, VAT is due now the UK is outside the Customs Union.

Leaving the EU was a massive own goal for Britain, orchestrated by Farage, Cummings, Johnson and co. exploiting exactly this kind of ignorance.

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My previous sentence may have been confusing. Let me make it clear:

If you live in the EU and buy from the UK, a tariff may be charged. That tariff will be collected by the EU, not the UK.
That’s definitely not an own goal for the UK. It’s a kick in the teeth for EU citizens by the EU.

I’ll ignore your use of the word “ignorance”, and try and leave it at that for a second time.

LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES BluRay just arrived from (Spain) at my home in UK. EU to non EU, NO TARIFF.
They haven’t got the manpower to Tariff everything. I advise Sebastian to put in an order for VENGEANCE TRAILS from the UK and chances are there will be no tariff.