One After Another / Uno dopo l’altro (Nick Nostro, 1968)'altro

Just wrote a review of this one and noticed it didn’t have its own thread which I certainly think it deserves.
Not neccesarily a classic but thoroughly entertaining throughout for me.
Anyhow, here’s my thoughts on it.

Bravo Phil! What can i say, a suberb and very fair review! Have to say i agreed with all the points you made, particularly your observations of Richard Harrison. It’s definitely my favourite Harrison film, and one of the things i did really like about the film was his playing against type with the clean shaven, bespectacled and therefore more vulnerable looking hero and as you said, he does have a somewhat childish looking face. A very thoughtful and enjoyable read…but then, as you must know, i am somewhat biased when it comes to this film! :wink:

Yes, I did notice it in your top 20 and although it doesn’t make mine I think it is definitely worthy of more exposure than it seems to get. It’s a very solid film on all fronts in my opinion.

Phil, which runtime has your DVD-R?

I’m thinking about getting me a copy of this film, but the german version is possibly (again) cut.

[quote=“stanton, post:4, topic:1305”]Phil, which runtime has your DVD-R?

I’m thinking about getting me a copy of this film, but the german version is possibly (again) cut.[/quote]

What is the title of that German DVD version ?

As a bespectacled reviewer with a somewhat childish looking face, this film seems a winner to me, but it’s hard to find
The Spanish DVD has (according to an Spanish internet shop) only Spanish audio and an AR of 1,85:1 (not anamorphically enhanced)

German title is Von Django mit den besten Empfehlungen.

Another dub Django, but no german DVD available. I was talking about VHS or TV versions.

Hmm … but your looks resemble more the likes of G. Gemma

I picked up an original Japanese disc to this one from a local film fair for £5 U.K pounds, and is in 2.35.

Well ENNIOO, this song says it all:

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:9, topic:1305”]Well ENNIOO, this song says it all:


[quote=“stanton, post:4, topic:1305”]Phil, which runtime has your DVD-R?

I’m thinking about getting me a copy of this film, but the german version is possibly (again) cut.[/quote]

It says just over 98 minutes which would suggest it isn’t significantly cut as Giusti’s Dizionario has it listed as 102 or 99 minutes. As I stated in the review, it’s a straight rip from the SPO japanese release.

Nice review, Phil ! I’d like to watch the movie now… but don’t have it :’( !

Many of these have SPO DVDs have Pal runtimes, so a 98 min version is most likely uncut.

I’ve seen this film too, the SPO version.

Nice music in this one, I even bought the soundtrack a while ago :smiley:

Best Richard Harrison’s performance i’ve seen so far. He’s usually wooden as everyone here probably knows, but i didn’t find him wooden here. He speaks between his teeth, smiles with some sort of sadistic pleasure and even though he’s vunerable in this one, you can see he’s no weakling. Plot is quite interesting and the movie curiously changes its tone after an hour. It becomes a mixture of thriller/western. The idea behind it is good, but execution is just Ok, nothing more. I found the music forgettable. 8/10

I pretty much agree. Harrison kicks ass in this one… Really enjoyed the flic, the best SW I’ve watched in a while. Almost didn’t recognize José Bódalo who gives a Fajardoaesk performance as Colonel Jefferson…

Fajardoesk ;D
That’s a great word.

[quote=“Phil H, post:17, topic:1305”]Fajardoesk ;D
That’s a great word.[/quote]

Yeah, and even the great Noah Webster has never heard of it, so we must have a linguistic genius among us

Above average spaghetti western with Richard Harrison in good form. Some nice sadistic acts in this one. Great when dynamite is tied to some guys´ back and Harrison makes it explode. I found it quite hilarious to see the coffin maker picking up a severed leg. It´s not without its weaknesses though. The music is below average. Some things are just dumb. For instance the way Stan makes a traumatized Mexican speak again. When Stan then knocks him out cold, the Mexican´s loved ones “can thank him enough”. The way the gang members are all pissing in their pants with fear also borders on stupidity. And the ending is really lame. Overall 6,5/10 though.

Mostly agree with BL, it has its moments, but there many scenes that’ll make you scratch your head in embarassment.

possible spoilers

The scene with the dynamite tied to the villain’s tied hands was the best indeed. Main problem is that Harrison’s actions don’t make much sense to me, if it was the gold that he was after, why did he have to kill them all ‘‘one after another’’ with so much passion? I felt that his ‘revenge’ wasn’t really convincing throughout the film and the ‘explanation’ at the end made things rather worse.
The glasses are supposed to add something unique to the character, but to me it’s simply a bad idea making Harrison look less cool without being used in an effective way, well expect maybe in one scene…
I did like the score though, pretty much in the Morricone style, but I liked it.

A simply OK SW, slightly above average without many surprises, if any at all. Not be re-viewed any time soon. 5.5/10